Wrestling Takedown Techniques with @RollOutMat | How to Wrestle

I’m Keith Poolman with and I’m here to make the call The topic today is rear standing positions. Wrestlers, when you are in a rear standing position it is imperative you know how to take
your opponent down to the mat and take control as an official I see wrestlers all the time
that cannot take your opponent down to the mat let me show you
step-by-step how we get it done the first step is get
your arms around the waist high take a step to the side low on your hips pushing your hips out lifting and
taking down the mat what do we do when we get into the mat,
use hand control looking for the pinning combination okay
let’s go back up and do it one more time round back lock your hands tight take a step to the side lower your center gravity lift take him down the mat and look for that
pinning combination just like any technique when you learn
something new you must work on it over and over again
repetition that your tip for today this is Keith
Poolman with good luck work on that
hip action

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