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Westling wrestling is an individual
combat sport that has accompanied mankind since the beginning of
civilization and many different forms can be found around the world. It has usually been a fight between two wrestlers who are trying to defeat each
other either by bringing the opponent down to their back or by gaining points. It is an individual sport where wrestlers outmatch each other using
muscular strength, technique and tactics under a certain set of rules. While doing that, wrestlers use a large number of both simple and complex offensive and defensive techniques and counters. Wrestling is one of the oldest sports in
the world. It was part of the ancient Olympic Games since 708 BC. Its current form was developed in France by the end of the 19th century when it was given
comprehensive rules and was named with the reference to the ancient wrestling
in Greece and Rome The Greco-Roman wrestling. Wrestling has been a part of
the modern Olympic Games ever since their inception. Nowadays, two wrestling
styles with different rules are the most widespread Greco-Roman wrestling and Freestyle wrestling. In Greco-Roman restling only holds above the waist are allowed, whereas in freestyle wrestling both
attacks above and below the waist are permitted. Wrestlers compete against each
other in blue and red uniforms on a wrestling mat inside of a 9 m circle. The match consists of two three-minute periods. The winning wrestler is the one
who brings the opponent down to their back and holds the opponent down. Another method of winning is a technical superiority… …i.e. one wrestler
leads by more than 8 points Techniques are scored based on the
clearly defined rules. Wrestling places heavy demands on
physical condition Already in ancient Greece wrestling was considered as the most versatile physical activity because it combines all the elements of physical fitness. Of all the combat sports wrestling develops its practitioners in
the most versatile fashion. It harmonically develops muscles of the
whole body and at the same time certain characteristic traits of the personality.

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