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WWE 2K19 Wyatt Compound, Towers Mode, Special Guest Referee (TOP 5 NOTIONS)

WWE 2K19 Wyatt Compound, Towers Mode, Special Guest Referee (TOP 5 NOTIONS)

Welcome to a new WWE 2K19 Notion video. These captions will describe the action. Seth rollins is in the performance center. he reacts to the new wwe 2k19 trailer. he is unhappy because he has been replaced. aj styles is the new cover star. rollins find a billboard. now he wants revenge. wwe 2k19 out october 5th. Towers mode towers mode is a new feature that allows players to play weekly towers online there is also the million dollar tower a mode that allows the player to potentially win 1 million dollars in this concept we see jeff hardy in the ring first out to challenge him is braun strowman hardy makes quick work of strowman next out to face the gauntlet it… the rock is here! The rock is also quickly eliminated! here comes stone cold steve austin! austin is eliminated. but here comes the undertaker nobody can beat the undertaker piledriver to jeff hardy and this one is all over, hardy is eliminated. next up is special guest referee roman reigns is the referee and the match is the rock vs braun strowman who can come away with the bragging rights? peoples elbow to braun another one! and the rock has won the match next up is dynamic universe mode daniel bryan has won a match but now he is getting into trouble with shane vince agrees daniel should bulk up in the gym 1 week later daniel bryan is jacked flying goat and it’s all over. number 1 brya wyatt visits sister abigail bray is seen walking into the wyatt compound. wyatt is searching the building he has found sister abigail the task is now to sacrifice abigail thanks for watching, see you all again soon!

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79 thoughts on “WWE 2K19 Wyatt Compound, Towers Mode, Special Guest Referee (TOP 5 NOTIONS)

  1. Does anyone know if the house of horrors or special ref will be playable in exhibition or is it just part of showcase and career mode.

  2. u all know youtube i forgot the to ring the bell and i didnt see it and i was sad that u ended.dude i ve been wachting u from 7000 subsribers u know when u had that reaper finnaly i see it on the subscribers of Macho T and i was soooooooo happy and angry that ive been unsubsribed for almost two years but now im back 🙂

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