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WWE 2K20: IMPORTANT SMALL IMPROVEMENTS! (Universe Mode, KOTR, Female REFEREE, & More Needed!)

WWE 2K20: IMPORTANT SMALL IMPROVEMENTS! (Universe Mode, KOTR, Female REFEREE, & More Needed!)

what is up guys welcome back to the
channel into some more WWE 2K20 and in this video we’re gonna be tackling down
five small but important features that I want to see in this year’s game and
remember that key word small but important I wanted to keep it as simple
as possible because if WWE games get to see this video then hopefully they get
to add these small features without putting a lot of work into it because
they should be easy to program before we get into it though you guys already know
make sure to elbow drop and turn on those notifications if you haven’t just
yet to be fully up to date on all my coverage for this year’s game anyways
let’s get into it so what happened to my discord ear today and ended up asking
some of you guys watch more features you want to see added into this year’s game
that are important but that also WWE games could develop it within a day if
they really wanted to of course those special guest referee match what’s the
first suggestion put a match type and all of that it’s for another video and
honestly they take a bit longer to program but when they mention special
referee I did thought of something smaller and that is having female
referee when you think about it there’s no extra development going into this
there’s already male referees and a female referee will be treated the same
way with the same function the only thing that they need to create and just
a female character and all of this is important because it will make the
product even more updated we already have female referees and then XE we’ve
been having it for a couple of years now recently we also have Lacey Evans being
the special guest referee for a main roster pay-per-view main event match so
it’s a small detail that I feel like is needed it will also add to the fact that
this year we are getting mixed acting matches so we could pick between who
could referee the match and even if there is concern that a male Superstar
will end up attacking a female referee then the easy fix for all of this is at
least have female referees available as an option for the women’s matches that
we get to play I’m next we’re talking about something that it still blows my
mind how it hasn’t been added over the last couple of years and that is a
simple cutscene for King of the Ring I don’t know if I’m missing something here
but it this hasn’t been in the game for quite a while and it bugs me when I do a
King of the Ring tournament and at the end of this whole tournament we don’t
even get a special cutscene of the winner either getting the crown or at
least sitting on the chair they already had this cutscene for WWE 2k14 so if
they had that file please just transfer it over to 2k 20 and give it to us or
again just create a 30-second cutscene that is just like this the superstars
celebrating on the King of the Ring chair it just brings more money into
that tournament and it feels like a winner has actually been crowned they
already have a special cutscene for like when you do the Dusty Rhodes classic so
there’s almost no reason up to why they can’t include something small for an
actual King of the Ring tournament sticking with tournaments we already
discussed some of the big features that we want to see in universe mode and a
small but important one that we’ve been asking for it’s for us to just have the
ability to create a tournament within our universe most show even if it is
having the ability to create a King of the Ring pay-per-view or just have a
full show that is dedicated for the tournament I feel like we should be able
to do that sticking with universe mode the promo
engine is certainly promising and they’ve been improving it over the year
but there’s still a lot of fixing that needs to be done and a small option that
I wish that we can have is just for us to have the ability of custom tanks we
have a lot of cutscenes that we can mess around with and create our own type of
story yes much like custom story so if we’re not gonna be getting that mold
back the option of us creating custom tanks for whatever cutscene we won is
gonna give us a bit more leverage in creating their own type of storytelling
that we’ve won with in our universe mode and the last small fun important
features that I wanna see added into this year’s game is the option of us
being able to update / customize superstar from the default roster this
will ultimately the problem that WWE games usually have
which is being outdated when it comes to certain superstar models we’ve seen it
multiple times with for the easiest example is Baron Corbin
having long hair even though he caught all of it off about three or four months
before the game was released we wouldn’t really complain about it if we had the
option to update at the four Baron Corbin within the creation suite this
will certainly be an easy feature for them to add even if they make us put it
as an alternate version of that superstar so that is what I got for you
guys in this video let me know your thoughts down in the comments below for
any other small but important features that you think WWE games could add
within a day for this year’s game there are some honorable mentions such as
custom music which I didn’t mention but of course it’s an important one that
we’ve been asking ever since it was removed but let me know which other ones
without being said guys if you enjoy don’t forget to elbow drop it and turn
on those notifications to be fully up to date on all the latest and I’ll see you
on the next one much of tiao ticket you

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98 thoughts on “WWE 2K20: IMPORTANT SMALL IMPROVEMENTS! (Universe Mode, KOTR, Female REFEREE, & More Needed!)

  1. Face Paint change capability.
    Especially for Ultimate Warrior!
    Also be nice to add it on any wrestler.. WcW moments with Hogan Macho Lugar and Sting with face paint

  2. Different hair styles for each wrestler too. So we can have different Kevin Nash, Big Show, Andre the Giant and AJ Styles ect.

  3. The real question is when are they gonna put the actually wwe refs in game im pretty sure its not that hard to scan their faces and get their in ring motions (how they count the pins, ring out, etc) i know they had a real life ref in WWE 2K15

  4. Are they bringing back special guest referee are they bringing back mixed tag team match are they bringing back casket match are they bringing back Dead or Alive Matches

  5. I Hope The King Of The Ring Tournament is Back in the WWE 2K20 Play & Universe Modes & I agree with you macho t about the cutscene,I Created another Jeff Hardy with Facepaint in WWE 2K19 but my issue is the Full Name Thing when creating A Created Superstar I Tried to Put Jeff Hardy as the Created Superstars name but it only showed jeff which I'm ok with it but I prefer Jeff Hardy also I hope we get Match types from past wwe game like the inferno match,Casket & or Buried Alive,Championship Scramble,I Quit & 3 Stages of Hell Matches Where we get to choose whichever match type we want in the 3 fall like 1st Fall could be a No Disqualification Match,2nd Fall Ladder & 3rd Fall a Steel Cage I also hope 2k adds back GM Mode & I hope 2K Either puts or let us create the Match Type where Johnny Gargano& Adam Cole wrestled inside a Steel Cage With Weapons attach to the cage & add Weapons underneath The Ring for Hell in a Cell Matches

  6. I pretty much agree with everything. Concerning the King of the Ring tournament I would love for it to be implemented into the MyCareer mode storyline. Along with improving Universe Mode by allowing for three-man rivalries, four-man rivalries, or faction rivalries. Also bring Create-A-Signature, and Create-A-Finisher back. And improve the Create-A-Entrance by increasing the selection of non-superstar entrance movies/non-superstar ring entrances/non-superstar entrance themes, and finally more nicknames to pick from this would be good especially if you have a certain gimmick in mind for your male and female MyPlayer characters.

  7. My most played match types in older games were:
    Special Reffree
    King Of The Ring
    3 stages of hell
    I Quit

    Love these suggestions!

  8. the hard thing about female ref is if its mens match and you or your opponent accidentally hit her you or your opponent will get a dq

  9. I hope they give the Superstars voices. I honestly don't even care if it sounds nothing like them. As long as there not mute.

  10. other small features
    create a tag team and entrance name
    combined names to make a the team name would be great to have
    have upload logo as a crowd sign
    KOTR stage to be added and to make it like the real deal for sure
    spiecal ref
    3 stages of hell
    weapon wheel in HIAC and exiting the cell with the door
    make hardcore title 24/7 when random cut screens of who ever is champion getting attack

  11. I'm sorry i can't think of any small improvements because in my opinion the wwe 2k games have mayor issues very year that's slowly making me not want to buy it at all i try to appreciate anything that is associated with wrestling the game tv shows ppv events i even had the toys when i was a child but the game that they put out very year has nothing to do with what made the game successful in the first place i think it's because they have to many low rating wrestlers on the main roster that gets boring quick i believe one way they can make the game more interesting is to make two different copies very year it's being done in basketball and football make one the original way for who ever wants to play that way and one with legends,hall of famers and the big-time stars of today it would be a more challenging game to play and people will play it more regularly just a thought

  12. I dont think you should be able to change their hair like however u want u know (I dont wanna see things like Brock with a mullet or something lol)… They should have options to choose from past hairstyles that they had (since they already have every hairstyle included from the past games) and their current hairstyle… same with wrestlers with face paint. It bothers me that I cant change Demon Finns face/body paint to the blue and red one that he had.

  13. I want them to add all the entrance themes music ever made I mean the ones that WWF /Wwe own already so we can create who we want ..

  14. You want them to make small changes! This what they do every year. The 2K team are lazy and don't want to push the boat out.

  15. How about champions holding their titles while cutting a promo in universe mode. So unrealistic right now in universe mode.

  16. Idk why but I got a bad feeling that 2k20 is going to be horribly outdated and little to no new features. I hope I am wrong 😕

  17. My wishlist for important improvements
    1. New mechanics for outside weapons examples ability to do diving attacks with a chair in the hand or kindo stick
    2. Ability to create finishers
    3. Ability to pick different commentary teams
    4. If a champion wins in a non title match who should celebrate with his title same for MTB holder. It involves singles and tag matches
    5. Ability to explode ringside floor or Flip the commentary table

  18. I'm still getting the game though, even though I recently got some criticism for that decision. (And yes, I do wish the marketing was better.)
    One guy said that I'm part of a problem and am why games like this are "awful" every year.
    Another said that I'm like a sheep for buying a 2K Game like this.
    I apologise if I sound hypocritical but, I'll never appreciate the predatory anti-consumer practices, but I'll still get this game, because I'm a sucker for games like this.
    Does anybody here agree with me or do you agree with the statements made by others?

  19. I agree with all these great ideas …mine would be to give us the option to choose different versions of the wrestler when u click on their name like u can do for cole quinn from the mycareer mode instead of taking up space with 7 versions like 2k19 did for Daniel Bryan 🤔🤔

  20. I want WWE2K20 to have a proper GM mode
    If a wwe superstar gets a new atire they should do a quick update so U can get that atire
    WWE2K20 need to give out locker codes like ever week or something like NBA

  21. Here's one big improvement you missed. Being able to play the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber matches in any arena we want to. I've wanted that option for years now! It doesn't make sense that after all these years of Create an Arena being a mode in the games, that the RR and EC Matches are arena locked to those specific arenas! Thumbs up if you agree with me.

  22. Title Stipulations. Since MyCareer have you create a title and chose what match to defend it. It be great on the final screen before finishing the create a title to choose what matct types it can be defended in.

  23. 2k Should Add More Weapons Options underneath the ring so We Can Choose like Trash Cans,Trash Can Lids,Street Signs,Barbwire Baseball Bats,Fire Extinguisher & any other Weapson in The Game Like What ECW Did Back in the day & also From WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007 that Would Be Awesome to have Back in the game

  24. Idk if it still stands but I remember in some of the older games they told us wwe won't allow them to edit certain aspects of superstars, maybe that will change

  25. Universe Mode needs a complete overhaul its so boring!!! All they did for 19 was add Mitb entrances & 10 new cutscenes don’t get me wrong which was great but come on that doesn’t help.

  26. I doubt they will do any of this because of money and timing at least that’s what they’ll say when they have the money and time they just probably wont

  27. Can anyone confirm is the wrestlers pics will be real pictures in the wrestler selection screen? In 2K19 they were the worse looking pictures of wrestlers I have ever seen.

  28. Still waiting for guest referee i quit match also double title entrances and mycareer to stop having locked moves and loot boxes and making an actual great game not just another hurried piece of shit

  29. The game was finished at Summerslam Axxess. The gameplay revealed by xavier woods is all what the people are getting. Theres nothing huge coming. The devs are pointed focus on the 2k originals content for DLC right now. The promotion for wwe 2k20 can't officially begin until October due to borderlands 3 still promoting first.

  30. I hope these features are already in, becUse as close to release as it is im sure the game is alreary more or less finalized and being prepared for shipment, i could be wrong however, im very excited for the game i preordered the smackdown 20th anniversary edition

  31. They need to focus on Universe mode stop caring about the showcase . The universe mode is what brings the longevity of the game

  32. I say that 2K isn’t listening to anyone I’m afraid, I think the reason we haven’t gotten Actual In ring gameplay is because they are half ashamed of the product , Maybe it wasn’t what people were wanting .

  33. Bring back weapon physics and moved from earlier games. Throwing them on the ladder, diving finishers off ladders, placing tables and ladders anywhere, I used to springboard off the ropes to guys against ladders in the corner, running dropkick with a chair when they're sitting in the corner, sabus leap off the chair to the ropes moonsault, tables below the stage, bring 20 foot ladders. Ya, I like using ladders lol

  34. Since its so close to release i feel like these type videos shouldnt happen tbh i dont care what you want in the game i care whats going to be in the game to see if i want to pre order or not (allready pre ordered when i seen chyna entrance). Dont meen to sound rude it just gets confusing when tubers do this.

  35. In universe mode there must be a special promo for open challenge and with the cut scenes too 2k must make some real good and better changes for universe mode and new match types must be added like I quit match, ambulance match, gauntlet match, 6/7 man elimination chamber match, 40/50 man royal rumble match and more and that'll be awesome if 2k makes this all

  36. And one more thing and that is in the universe mode points table for survivor series matches must be shown and that'll make the survivor series ppv in the universe mode not only playable but also more interesting we need 2k to make this changes

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