WWE 2K20 My Career Mode Gameplay Part 16 Summerslam (PS4)

hi so welcome back to my channel oh just
like in my life my name’s Joseph so welcome back guys to another gameplay of
Duda e2k 20 my career mode guys so this bleep part 15 a day so guys so
let’s do this despite Miz in Brooklyn doing everything
they could to prevent it I got the starring role in rank and file for red
on the other hand wasn’t so lucky but I guess fighting with the lead
actress during a casting session is generally frowned upon
Miranda where are you I’m in the spaceships cockpit hurry Bryce we don’t
have much time before it launches your time’s up impostor gods
there’s no henchmen line in this script you’re just supposed to tackle him and
then he throws you off the imaginary launch pad let’s go again and this time
stick to what’s written sorry but that’s not going to happen security security intruder on the set
get’em is this is the realest thing I’ve ever seen so the miss attacked me he got so
jealous why so jealous man is it somebody turned I’ll take some sign take
a spotlight Oh oh come on now man nope well Shawn is yes
take this DT now ah man now they do this oh I can’t wait to show
this to my wife again not today miss boom they’re kind of weapon I can use
ahh to do this ahh come by now really tell me damn it tell
me what kidding huh tell me we’re getting this nope come on now I miss nope they do this Louis last timer yes Gerald clear my
calendar for award season it is boom really I and nope all those haters in Park City
this will show them pareo I combine now I can’t not reverse
that nope they dismiss okay so the MS that’s all
right now of danger the danger is des hey des I come by now no I was array yet come by now this is
gonna wash away the taste of shame from the last time in Park City damn it no come on now man are you doing oh man my back for your consideration
rank-and-file four-eyes is this one no get that guy off my set I always wanted
to say that I cannot work in these unsafe conditions then maybe you should
talk to your friend henchman number five you started all this you know what I’m
going to my trailer and I’m not coming out until you’re recast don’t look at me
okay that’s lunch Miz I appreciate you taking the time to
have me on your show so we can set the record straight because the truth is I
shouldn’t be here tonight in this crap basket of a town no offense
I should be in majestic Vancouver British Columbia filming rank and file
for but unfortunately my co-star and I use that term loosely let his personal
feelings against my friend the MS boil over and now 200 crew members are out of
work that’s right I’m sorry to inform you the production on rank-and-file four
has been temporarily shut down and unless we come up with a solution the
shutdown could be permanent whoa whoa whoa you’re blaming all of
this on me I’m not the one who snuck on set like a crazy stalker and attacked
the star of the movie in fact I have it on good authority from a security guard
that you were the one who let Ms on set so if anything this whole mess is
Warfield I would never do that to my crew they’re
like family sure I might forget their names or not let them make eye contact
with me but that’s the exact same relationship I have with my siblings
guys guys what if I told you I can make this act of injustice disappear without
involving producers or agents or lawyers how do you propose we do that by
settling who gets the part in a match at SummerSlam but it won’t be any typical
match you’ve seen before this will be an action-packed summer blockbuster the
rank and file for script will be suspended above the ring and whoever can
climb a ladder and retrieve it first gets the starring role once and for all
this will be the premiere of the lights camera action ladder match sequels are
tough to pull off but me beating you for the part a second time is going to be
way more entertaining in the first go-around and since we’re in the spirit of making
movie themed matches I have another pitch for you how about we give everyone
a preview of the coming attraction at SummerSlam me in red versus you in
Brooklyn tonight on Raw you’d all love to see me compete inside a WWE ring
wouldn’t you well too bad because it’s not gonna happen
I’m an elite MMA fighter and Hollywood star this isn’t my arena fair enough but
if it’s not your arena then why don’t you hell out I will not stand here and
allow you to insult my esteemed guests so if you want a sneak preview match
then you got it but it will be you in red taking on me and my beautiful wife
Maryse that’s fine now that I’m a movie star I get how it works when it comes
time for an action scene you take out the lead actress and bring in the lower
paid less talented stunt double as they say in Hollywood ciao the following contest is scheduled for
one fall and the wrong it’s champion Silva this is it this is the match we’ve all
been waiting for and the electricity level in the arena
right now is unlike anything I’ve ever felt the title not being on the line here
tonight Cory do you anticipate seeing a different game plan from the champion
that’s a good question you know I would say maybe this might actually be a good
opportunity for her to try a few new things especially seeing as the goals
enough regrets wagon
225 here we go this is the match a lot of
these people came to see tonight and Rize Michael this was debris for quite
some time does that say these superstars look more
than ready to get this match started I’d agree with that Cole and it sounds like
this arena is there with them they’re absolutely elect listen just because you’re on a diet
doesn’t mean you can’t look at the man from Montreal Quebec Canada one of the longest championship brands
of all time and it’s the general right sois feel it’s necessary to the world
personal space because marie-pierre do it one time back back to life having a question weighing in at 221 pounds the meds
single-handedly turned Smackdown from the bee show
these shuttle bus television if they’re anything amiss the miss pay you to sail that word
absolutely not fired I have enough try Minzy oh come on that would be
awesome glory that would be ridiculous possessions I would love to have a missing guys all
right here we go this is such an intriguing matchup but yet the winner of
bread was just a little bit disappointed she did have the opportunity to get her
hands on brooklyn von braun honestly I think Reds lucky that didn’t happen
because from what I heard their audition dust-up Red’s nomads did this Maurice what a sequence there from Maurice yeah take this okay so reason the most must-see
champion in WWE history even more surprising that that win was that he
lived up to the moniker oh yes Dean uppercut she’s beginning to flag a
little but tagged in Myron you brought up the most must-see champion in WWE
history Ramez got that page by appearing on
countless talk shows red carpet interviews in the wake of his win don’t
forget that part fellows mid-to held that title for 161 days successfully
defending the WWE Championship against the likes of Randy Orton Jerry the King
Lawler and oh yeah that John Cena guy in the
main event of Wrestlemania the man’s with a nice reversal nope okay this and this Oh thrust kick that way he’s a virtue nope the man is looking a little stunned
here nom this he has become ice at this point yeah let’s hope he can keep this
kind of effort going demo execution by the Miss the mill was able to get out of
the way there step up it’s a Gary right now to dismiss neckbreaker
gets the tag Oh twist to the our house it looks like it might all be over for
the team of Murray Sam is that it’s footage from Randy Brooklands on vision
fight it suddenly got Reds attention and seen French this DDT Maurice
capitalizes on Reggie distracted it pulls off the upset
huge win for the couple there’s your answer on who played the
footage that was a no story
smart have a back-up plan the following contest is a ladder match
making his way to the ring 225 the ladders are ready guys as we
wait to get underway here for what will likely be
ladder match and we support out the fat hazards involved in this match are very
real this is not just about who can climb the ladder the fastest that will
soon see I’d say that he’s someone knows Michael
superstars on the roster to them well when you accomplish what he’s been able
to accomplish Michael you have every right to be proud of yourself and recited in Holly 221 pounds gentlemen I would absolutely love to
read you a list of accomplishments attack hours in the day been one of the great set on the grand
stage II feat John Cena in the challengers osku he really is the elixir
when it comes into these big-time show read me if I’m wrong Mike before the
resume with the beginning of Euro undefeated
streets there Jade Thanks we’ve seen plenty of history but not
quite like this where the script for the action film they can file for has been
suspended above the ring in a briefcase whoever climbs the ladder retrieves the
script first will win vote the match and the starring role
it’s a justice but Miz even have to go through something like this to get a
role that should have already been his he’s one of the greatest actors of our
time I don’t know about that but I do know that this lights camera actually
dismiss why don’t you treat this like we’re at the movies don’t talking okay
so I try and get there is unhealthy other
we’ll miss what a night it’s been here at
SummerSlam and things dismiss you got him good there that’s twice no more the
myth was able to get out of the way there dismiss he’s definitely shifted to
another gear bringing it back between the ropes for my miss ru Frey it’s going
to take a minor miracle to keep one of them down the ladder isn’t quite lined
up right Cole I am fully anticipating this to end poorly
for my miss in the rain step up to Gary right in a year he might
have been uh proving tough to catch he stuck in the corner now who’s that feelings should get involved tonight the
ax blame her she wants to miss the win so she can have a legitimate co-star in
the movie and here’s red to stop the flames from spoiling this match this is
pure jealousy red couldn’t beat Brooklyn in the audition so now she’s taking it
out on that’s ridiculous she’s only out here to help her friend Trey and it
appears she’s been able to accomplish that
yeah you there’s no cutting in this match going to get that ladder up this might be big the mez give a nice
rehearsal damnit nice job by the bids and their songs can’t blow it now today’s good slam the men’s definitely in a
tough spot now I like that miss he made his first reality TV appearance in 2001
mr. versi though the impact Cory brought us back to the beginning of
the millennium for the missus first reality show the visit toughen ups
greatest-ever alumni and he brought his career full circle as a host and judge
on 2015 return of toughen up now that do this come on come on there what a SummerSlam this is every salon is
off-the-charts he weaves out of the way damn it and now that one’s counter
impressive Michael double axe handle smash another so he’s setting up the ladder now can he
get up there in time that’s the question he’s so close he can probably taste the
victory right now yes it is what you started come on he’s in full control now
oh man that’s not very smart damnit this could be big he is just
reeling from that offense the changes strategy has to be his next move one of
these competitors is gonna regret climbing that ladder Cole sorry get up
yeah get up yeah get up damnit hey Ethan oh my gosh
why Trey he’s a cup so slowly it’s a travesty of justice that Ms even have to
go through something like this to get a role this lights camera action match is
going to be a smash hit with audiences and critics worldwide sacks then why
don’t you treat this like we’re at the movies no talking and he’s heading back in no in metal reversal neither one of them
are willing to give an inch here caught off-guard but man lives with herself we’ve gotta
climb up all he has to do now is pull it down
stay in a bit of a chance here : not a very well calculate you won’t either hi he’s in a bad spot now yeah he’s got
to find a way out of that corner yet another counter it’s like their boat
somehow one step ahead of each other and again yet another counter the ASET begins gonna reach out try to grab the
briefcase hook it when the crowd has started to come to their feet clubbing blow to the back the men’s
definitely in a tough spot now yeah this Mike tray hammers bins in the corner and a feeling she’d get involved tonight
do you blame her she wants to miss the win so she can have a legitimate co-star
in the movie and here’s red to stop Buckland from spoiling this match this
is pure jealousy red couldn’t beat Brooklyn in the audition so now she’s
taking it out on that’s ridiculous she’s only out here to help her friend Trey
and it appears she’s been able to accomplish that red is neutralized
Brooklyn as they head to the back there’s no cutting in this match still gotta climb the ladder to get the
championship that’s the only way this match ends
he’s very close to winning this thing guys going for it all interesting timing
to say the least he’s got him where he wants him now
ladders off always a health hazard in the workplace
guys you risked life and limb when you laughs ladder fights never end well for
one of them at least well measure oh he’s really taking it to him man this
is not good at all Byron look at where that splatters
placed not where I placed it but let’s see what happens the ladder is up pull the ladder it’s jeez that’s gonna
hurt he set it up like where you watch it and he’s heading back in Scottie nicely done looks like he’s gonna try to
win this thing right here yeah but sitting up the ladder is only
half the battle Michael you know that go in for the win hair but let’s not forget
you need full possession of it to be declared the winner yes huge night for Trey he beat a future
Hall of Famer in pressure-filled high-stakes matches the biggest party of
the summer without concern trade deserves the world at the catching and next all right guys so I’m gonna stop right
here so thank you for watching another e2k 20 my career mode I review said
don’t forget cut the light sky come here thank for check out my channel Joseph
came her for life alright guys see ya

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