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WWE 2K20 My Career Mode Gameplay Part 17 Big Show GM Smackdown

WWE 2K20 My Career Mode Gameplay Part 17 Big Show GM Smackdown

alright guys so welcome back to my
channel just to get my fly my name is Joseph so
welcome back guys to another gameplay up the 2k 820 my career mode okay so we
still talk to red hey thanks for the assist out there and
by the way now that I’ve officially got the part again it’s not too late for me
to pull some strings and get you a role I think I’m cool with sitting this one
out all right well the doors open if I’m back for rank and file 5 although I
heard our truth pitched the producers on making it an office drama with him as a
star and it’s under strong consideration so we’ll see oh by the way I left
tickets for my real parents again no luck though still doing that huh yep
and who knows maybe if they’re not WWE fans and they’ll see me in the movie
can’t hurt yeah I guess hey before you go out for your match you
mind signing my script sure may you always have a happy ranks
giving see it is catching on busy night for you huh I mean if I were
defending my title against an opponent like me it might be just a little more
focused on my match don’t worry I’m more than capable of helping a friend out and
beating you in the same night well while you’ve been off auditioning for movies
and getting in fights with your old high school boy I’ve been training for our
match you see it’s become a bit personal for
me you might even say I feel disrespected
by your attitude it’s like everything’s easy for you huh you show up in WWE and
just walk to your way to the top well that makes me angry didn’t you do the
exact same thing not even close you’re right it’s not the same because I
didn’t have a famous dad to help me get here I’ve earned everything I have there
it is again disrespect it’s speaking of that beating
me is not even on your list as far as I can tell I only put my goals on there
not things I expect to do fair enough well after tonight you’ll have a new
goal to put on your list take back the raw Women’s Championship from Charlotte
Flair yeah I’m not be like fighting Charlotte
Flair I feel like she’s going to tap me out after chicken can you believe they’re all the way up
to rank-and-file 7 now no I can’t I thought they would have stopped making
them after your performance Wow didn’t realize this was a roast no it’s just
that you definitely had some interesting priorities earlier in your career first
it was the movie then you were obsessed with getting your own action figure it
was on the list since day one yeah which made you super jealous when I got one
before you do remember this are you still a little bit jealous no are you
sure I think you’re exaggerating how I reacted really because that’s not how I
remember it you check it out my first action figure
pretty cool right awesome they really nailed the detail on your face you
didn’t even really look at it yeah well you know what they say about action
figures once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all literally no one says that
wait are you jealous because you don’t have one yet no I’m fine okay look I get
it this was more your thing but it’s just
an action figure it’s more than that to me think of how you felt when I want a
title in WWE before you did it’s like that but ten times worse comparing
titles to action figures might be a little extreme but if it makes you feel
any better I’ll wait and let you cross it off our list whenever you get one no
it’s fine cross it off you earned it I see you got your first action figure
we’ve had like 30 now so it’s kind of boring at this point where’s yours
I think he didn’t get fun well that’s awkward
I think even like Tom Phillips got one he doesn’t really deserve it
well that’s true he’s like even to be on the roster ah sorry we got sidetracked
with a private conversation that had absolutely nothing to do with you but
since apparently you don’t have an action figure we like to give you ours
happy rusev day do you think he heard what we said who
cares he’s a loser heard he freakin if I had an action figure of my own and I’ve
team up bread’s action figure to kick your action figure stupid plastic pots
or even better how about we take them down in real life huh oh yeah I guess we
could do that the soup 300 roots that day is forever
you are looking at a man who went undefeated in WWE before a year a man
who one of the best United States champions
of this decade WWE to stop it happy day Booker T my two learned a little
variation of it spinaroonie from Ilana I exert the same thing I’m gonna
double-check with my sources and get some verification on that
what tell me you guys did just say that lonna extremely beautiful incredibly
talented in the has improved immensely during their time
here at WWE variety of raisins tight red and Trey
are squaring off with rusev and Lana because of well action figures well from
what I hear Trey was throwing a tantrum because he didn’t get an action figure
then apparently offended when rusev and Lana tried to graciously give him their
I don’t like the Trey would you look at this it looks like they both did there
heading into this one seems like Preston was a proposal at crank something big is coming by this assault Juana exhibits superior
strategy and intelligence and is incredibly beautiful but the ravishing
Russian choses to use her talents for evil man she returns the favor there
an impressive series of moves looks like nobody budging pole she’s in control that way girl we’re going to see you at power nature elves Nast is so precise this is
not where you want to be tagging Byron you mentioned this earlier and it
should be remembered that Juana is a highly educated individual bilingual and
instead of using her skills for good chooses to utilize them in guiding rusev
on a brutal path of destruction Lana embodies Beauty intelligence and
ambition something that the WWE Universe and most people in general know
absolutely nothing about Hey WWE Universe keep buoys along it’s only
gonna make life harder for your beloved heroes yet another counter click they’re
both somehow one step ahead of each other wow what a sequence his offenses on point right now he’s got
a head of steam see how long he could sustain bringing it vibe to this mixed tag team
match that’s for sure it’s not your traditional tag-team encounter what a tag-team match this is Ben and he
gets in just a nick of time thought he was trying to get himself counted out
there for a second don’t rake in a kidneys Cowley stomping
down rusev looking completely drained now I’m not sure he has much left and
look at this huge tiny port right here
is not good know about these two do they travel
together the tumour tonight makes me think they spent
and it’ll be interesting to see the ripple effects this one has is a which
to come in all seriousness even though it wasn’t
as important to me it was pretty cool when not long after that you got your
first action figure and crossed it off our list but the fact we had different
priorities is partly what made this work because let’s be honest if we’ve been
competing for the same things I’m not sure we could have been friends
you were just always so driven to be the best maybe but it’s not like I was only
focused on individual goals like what about when we went to Smackdown live and
I ended up teaming with someone who was a great influence and mentor to me I’m
talking about Mickie James of course stand up and take a bow Mickie you
deserve it you fought hard but it just wasn’t your night let’s face it it
hasn’t been your night in a long time now as general manager of SmackDown live
it’s my job to present a cutting edge product which means constantly
introducing new talent to keep our brand fresh and exciting but we can’t add new
talent without making subtractions so I’m sorry Mickey but based on your
recent performance you can either announce your retirement or
unfortunately I’ll have to make that decision for you
wait so you’re basically forcing her out she deserves better than that
I understand where you’re coming from but like I said this is bigger than one
person it’s about protecting the brand there would be no brands without women
like Mickey J you know it’s okay it’s okay I’ve been doing this a long time
and maybe you have lost a step maybe it’s just time to hang it up no you
can’t just accept this there has to be another way well there is one other
option but it would just be delaying the inevitable
Mickey continued competing on Smackdown live as long as she wins but the very
next match she loses is her last she’ll do it I will all right good luck look I appreciate
the support but with my record as of late I don’t think I’ll be sticking
around too long or maybe you will with me by your side what do you mean
Big Show didn’t say you had to win singles matches are you sure you want to
set aside your own goals to do this there’s nothing I’d rather do than
protect your legacy by sending you out on a winning streak and one last title
run win women’s tag team championships with Mickie James welcome everyone to
the most iconic talk show ever iconic top with your host the iconic we
just said iconic so many times you said it again I think we just set a record
speaking of Records I want to remind everyone that we are now the
longest-running women’s Tag Team Champions ever there are also the only
women’s tag team champions from Australia which brings us to my favorite
segment of iconic talk it’s time for this is a part of the show where we
educate our audience on different aspects of Australian culture and
explain why Australia is better okay what do we have this week the great
sport of cricket which has nothing to do with filthy little insects no it’s
actually a spot that is very popular in Australia think of it like a way better
version of your horrible dull baseball to further educate you on this superior
spot let’s go over the laws of cricket shall we
there are only 42 of them shouldn’t take long law 1 a cricket team consists of 11
players including a captain that’s a great
one of my favorites now law – hey what are these two doing out here there were
still 41 logs to go I wanted to learn more about cricket I think you were the
only one law to the ikonics should never be allowed to have a talk show as it’ll
put everyone watching to sleep that’s not an actual more yeah don’t listen to
her why are you two even out here it’s very rude to interrupt someone to talk
show I recommend you go back and watch this segment we did on Mena’s we’re here
because we want a tag-team championship match so you two are a team now what are
you calling yourselves red and grey because make you so old get up hilarious
she really is a fossil you’ve never even tamed before so what makes you think you
deserve a shot at our titles maybe because eight years ago in Calgary
I beat you in my very first match and I’ve only gotten better since then way
better oh okay so you’re saying since a long
time ago I felt bad for my pathetic opponent and basically took the night
off because I was freezing that a decade later when that pathetic opponent raised
her ugly head with an elderly partner they deserve a tag title opportunity
makes sense that was sarcasm the answer is no if you think that we
need to prove ourselves as a team then we’ll do it right now on a non-title
match if we win we get a championship match and if you win you end my career
that whole career ending stipulation is enticing yeah I forgot about that it
would be nice to put her out to pasture we’ll do it but only after we finish
teaching everyone about crickets law 3 never interrupt the iconic the iconic
Sicily attacked rented Mickey with those cricket bats
and rightfully so they violated law 3 red and Mickey are going to be at a
severe disadvantage going into this match
with so much at stake if you just join us this is a nine title match with the
stipulation that is when they need to defeat the act Ronix there
after Tag Team Title if the iconic swing Mickie James career
will be over and red and Mickey are clearly not a hundred percent after that
brutal attack by the ikonics but no one wants to see a pioneer like Mickie James
have her career come to an end but it’s gonna happen sooner or later
it’ll be soon tonight at the hands of the tag team champions I swear why it’s a way to reverse really just laying it in and up the tab born in Australia Paton Royce’s pass to
WWE saw her travel many miles including a stop in Calgary Alberta Canada
we’re like many before her Payton holder Kraft before ultimately joining WWE what a smash that is just insulting
well-scouted rehearse are there lost in the corner right now
tag that’ll make your legs go numb and it’s Billy k showing some agility you look at this it looks like they both
did their homework can you do this one lamb heads coming her way now she’s
putting up quite a fight here cold but despite that now is probably a good time
to look like that and now that one’s countered that was in
like scoop slam some out just to find a way to make a tag here
here is absolutely vital up this detect they’re using the elbow as a weapon that could be it it looks like Mickie
James is setting a good pace now not sure how long she can keep it up but she
is fired up right now is that suplex she got the soul that’s all the counts bili tation such creativity another great tag-team match here
tonight I don’t think the tag-team scene has ever been hotter here in WWE to attack to the midsection some contact from Mickie James kick right to the midsection nice looking to make a much needed tag here
and it’s successful we may be looking at a whole match here again one of these
competitors is eventually going to have to gain the upper hand big move coming it’s obvious Billy Kay is feeling the
pain that has been dealt out so far this is bad guy
I don’t even think she’s allowed to get to a corner to make the tag absolutely
has to make a tag here yeah but that’s easier said than done
like then she wants to finish this DDT this could be the chance she was
looking for and Mickie James might have just secured the victory Thursday then there’s the same let’s keep
fighting she’s in full control now how much more than she could take taking acrobatics I display here she is just too quick to make the job scary drop and it’s Billie Katie showing some
agility it’s starting to come together in a big
way and she’s a little bundle of energy right now she’s got her needs to make it
to the corner here call you’re absolutely right Poole there’s no
way around it a tag is vital at this point in the budget there of course is can she take
advantage needs
is so precise desperately needs to make a tag here I
don’t know it’s gonna be tough to make it to the corner check out a – I can’t believe she
checked out there gets out of dog hair what a great job by Peyton Royce take
advantage we’re gonna make the tag here
this point can change the whole complexion of this match Michael I know
it’s just a little bit further come on now oval stare don’t get juice goes gender this is not good
shoulders down that’s it for this tag-team match and
what a thrilling match it was is going to make it almost unstoppable pairing
Michael that was awesome
and considering our lack of experience together I’d say we make a pretty good
team I agree I mean you know what I just want to say thank you for doing this I
could be sitting at home right now but instead we have a chance to win the Tag
Team Championships and even if my career does end this is a heck of a way to go
out before you celebrate too much we just found out your tag title match will
be taking place on our home turf that’s right in our great country in
front of our fans at super showdown it doesn’t matter we’ll beat you anywhere
oh you should also know it’s going to be an Australian Rules tag match which are
the most iconic rules what does that even mean
it means it’ll be no disqualification tornado tag oh Willy Willy tag as we say
Down Under hey Mickey you should pack an extra week
of clothes you know so you can go on holiday in Australia after we end your
career we’ll call our grandparents and see if
they know of any good senior resorts alright guys so we’re going something
right here so thank you for watching of Delta e to K xx my career MO I
appreciate don’t forget to cut the light scry comment share think forward check
out my channel just gamer fly alright guys see ya

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