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WWE 2K20 The Boss Sasha Banks vs HBIC Mia Yim

WWE 2K20 The Boss Sasha Banks vs HBIC Mia Yim

it’s boss time making history again why
you always say that poll it’s time to vent making her way to drain from Boston
Massachusetts corine say what you want about Sasha
there’s no doubt she’s been involved in some of the most historic moments in
history so I completely agree with you deal of history here at WWE competed in
the first ever women’s Helen himself at multiple time raw Women’s Champion gimme this she’s read my philosophy to
turn on French s in this business friendship I wish you just stopped the head baddie
in charge is in the building Fontana California Michael you’re the
estimate young plastics when the full self crowd chanted please sign me up
what was that moment like unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in my
career here in WWE not only was it pleased that the WWE Universe is in
charge it was to that me am hard work hadn’t
gone unnoticed to this day she continues to put in the
hard work that made her so endearing in the first place why am I not surprised
it’s unfamiliar to you Byron that anybody excited to see you do anything I mean me I am entering this match with
a chip on her shoulder and veteran experience under her belt
you just can’t knock the swagger out of the boss’s game
why do words instantly lose their cool when they come out of your mouth Byron
delivered it well these competitors have been going deep into their arsenal all
mats have not gone away to end it at all swings in momentum every push has been
cut off oh great turn your lights out she’s bringing the pressure on now the
great ones always explode when they have the chance she turns it around close and the referee starts his tenth count
Oh able to counter and again yet another counter
trampling the opposition back in the ring again setting up there – Whizzer gosh Sasha
banks is obsessed with hogging the spotlight and if her opponents smart
she’ll capitalize on banks ego hogging the spotlight what are you even talking
about Corey banks is obsessed with letting
everyone know she’s the boss this and the boss that eventually she’ll be too
busy bragging to the WWE Universe to focus on the match and that will be the
perfect Oh let’s good slam cannonball oh no you didn’t yes she did hooked up
in a surprising reversal from Sasha banks popped up beautiful truck she’s enduring some
damage she can withstand a punishment though running boom just a merciless kick across the
back from them saw that one coming what a sequence he’s crusher showing some quickness and this match
can change that fast Sasha banks look into the pan it’s the
single door resourceful to the leg sweet she got out of the way there her evasion
technique she’s taking a beating here she needs to
turn the tide here for the ride sleepers slam
never lock applied Oh No I’m gonna break it on the changes are fortune they’re hugging he’s going to try to put him away Sasha
banks is in a bad way the boss looks terrible at the moment
take a look at this let’s bow nice bringing it back into the ring he’s crusher dick to the gun she’s been dragged through the wringer
tonight she’s tough but maybe shoulders down it’s going to take the footer away darling she turns it around find your lights out
and there’s the reversal Sasha banks sounds events dioxide of the way there
big reversal but for the side Russian leg sweep away they’ll supply yes dragon suplex so did you see the height on that here’s a couple and they had old man Temari and there’s the reversal banks it’s
starting to come together in a big way she’s capable of bursts of great
activity the G is sustaining the effort back to the tours oh here he eliminate
the core this is a great move Jericho million she conscious goes into the pen that’s our victim here’s a few clips in the last match
Russ she was amazing fall technique relentless attacks and she
brought it man oh man huge pitfall went here tonight maybe
Sasha banks needs to hit the showers rents up tonight and start reading the
want ads in the morning because this job isn’t working out can you really believe
that another lazy mashing the Y’s

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