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we are discussing a lot of confirmations that have been made by the WWE multiple
changes starting next week we’re rolling smackdown WWE bring him back a top star
after almost 10 years the latest about aew and pants calling them liers because
of a recent announcement current WWE Champion complaints and call-out the WWE
and latest news regarding the draft that is coming in just two weeks before we
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and round it up and to start off let’s discuss some of the confirmed news
specifically coming from WWE as they are adding more programming to an already
busy week of wrestling and doing a press release confirm that on Tuesdays
starting November 5th we are gonna be getting WWE new studio show simply
called WWE backstage described as a television only studio show devoted to
all things WWE hosted by Brooke HD and Renee young as it was initially reported
by recive olds the other information given to us beside the day and the fact
that it’s on Tuesday is that it’s gonna be happening at 11:00 p.m. Eastern Time
very interestingly reports also indicate that it will not be live it will be pre
tape but it is going to feature a lot of legends and other WWE special guest
superstars it is also being handled by Fox so whatever we get to see there is
what Fox 1 there really isn’t no WWE producing even though they will probably
have some minor say on it the one thing that I am hoping about all of this is
that it gives a platform to other Superstars that don’t get to get the
spotlight on main TV and hopefully it creates some controversial topics like
when we used to get talking smack which was awesome where Renee young and Daniel
Bryan stinger with changes to the WWE with this announcement of course we
thought that Renee young was gonna be stepping away from the Monday night
commentary team but she isn’t she is actually going to Smackdown live with
Michael Cole and Corey graves WWE confirmed this early on today and as for
Monday Night Raw announce team is going to be having big Joseph do Maddon and
the returning WWE Hall of Famer Jerry the King Lawler it is worth mentioning
that Jerry and Renee young both have some type of special title into their
commentary role as the official announcement indicated that Jerry Lawler
is gonna be serving as an analyst for the announce team and then Renee young
it’s a quote unquote special contributor we don’t know exactly what that means
but we’re gonna find out on it next week for sure the big disappointment here is
that Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton has been removed which is unfortunate
because Corey Greg’s picking on parents accent on a weekly basis does create for
some of the most funny or commentary lines and honestly I’m a big fan of Tom
Phillips so in general is disappointing that both of these guys are probably
gonna get demoted to like two or five live or something we will have to wait
and see moving into some other interesting news and a big potential
return that we could be seen in the WWE very soon former WWE Intercontinental in
tag team champion John Hennigan aka John Morrison aka Johnny Impact aka Johnny
mundo has signed a deal to return to WWE all according to PW Insider he last
worked for the WWE in 2011 and since then have been through a bunch of
promotions like Impact Wrestling lucha underground and so on
there’s no word yet on when exactly he’s gonna be making his return to the
company or why name he’s gonna be using even though he’s probably gonna be going
back to John Morrison since that was his WWE name I’m excited for this and the
one thing that I can say is that if WWE doesn’t have any big plans for him on
the main roster or Smackdown please put him on an XE because he is gonna fit
right in and talking about nxz next week it’s gonna be a hell of a show they’re
gonna be bringing an absolutely loaded show to the USA Network with three title
matches it is literally being build up like a takeover and what
I doubt this is WWE trying to of course make an opposition to the debut episode
oily wrestling dynamite but dad doesn’t seems to be the only clever thing that
they’re doing because this week they also ended up announcing in Maranello
mention it a bunch of times that next week’s episode will be presented with
limited commercial interruptions and of course this repeated emphasis on having
less commercial throughout the show it’s very interesting and without a doubt
this is WWE contouring programming which is not bad at all because look at us the
fan we are actually getting some type of competition that’s creating better
things for us because who doesn’t want to watch a show with the least amount of
commercials and three title matches that are bound to be amazing with NXT having
all of this limited amount of commercials it should be interesting
what happens when a EWS go to commercial but they’re still on the air maybe we’ll
get some big return making people switch from one show to the next or as I
mentioned to you guys before it’s 2019 we are easily just gonna be able to
watch both shows moving into some other news but sticking with aew there’s a bit
of an outrage right now because honestly feels like those overseas are getting
the worst presentation for the programming and it’s certainly making
them look bad so just to keep it simple Tony can’t reveal the following aew
dynamite sauce will stream live in UK on five TV for $4.99 a month subscription
or three dollars an episode we can’t broadcast a live free to air in the UK
due to different ad break schedules than in the u.s. ITV plus I tv4 will show
free-to-air replays making our show available to most UK fans the big issue
here is that if you don’t have the $5 a month subscription you’re going to be
watching aew episodes four days late which again for UK fans it is a big
disappointment especially after we had guys like Cody Rhodes indicating that
aew was going to be having a better deal overseas than the WWE which obviously is
not the case at all because you’re making fans pay or if they want to
actual television cable they have to wait for extra days which at that point
is almost useless because it’s 2019 and unfortunately we got the internet again
fans are just furious about the fact that they kind of been lied to about all
of this they’ve been hyping it out for so much
and it’s literally one of the worst deals that they could have gotten it so
very unfortunate and it certainly looks bad after everything they said about WWE
do and kwatak oh how good their deal was going to be for the UK fans sticking
with complaints Bayley just went off on the WWE and she really doesn’t get the
attention that she deserves as a champion but that’s not going to let her
down so it all started with Becky Lynch recently taking a shot up Bayley for
being overshadowed by Sasha banks in a promotional graphic for the match that
we’re gonna be seeing next week on Smackdown live Charlotte and Becky
taking on Sasha banks and Bailey Becky simply pointed out the fact the Bayley
was being overshadowed by Sasha banks and put in the back instead of being in
the front as the champion that she is which Bayley proceeded to call out the
WWE multiple times she started off by indicating that her championship was
even Photoshop so that’s unfortunate followed by I also still don’t even have
a match scheduled for Hell in a Cell I am also not on the cover over video game
WWE 2k 20 or a magazine or marquees or in movies and then it off with that also
does not change the fact that I would demolish you in this match next Friday
and lucky me I will have a best friend to laugh about it with afterwards which
is a little more rewarding than your temporary Fame and publicity so Bayley
definitely got some Twitter game and I can’t blame her for going off as of late
that seems like she is in the shadows of Sasha banks
so Becky’s definitely speaking some truth and as for WWE please get her a
match at Hell in a Cell and treat your Smackdown champion the right way
stop photoshopping a championship over her shoulder where she already has a
championship and you already have the correct image so use it and the last
piece of news that I got for you guys this sticking with Smackdown life
because it looks like Fox just doesn’t want more to put the top stars they
almost won at all as we know with the blue brown moving to the Fox Network
there’s a lot of speculations and almost a lot of spoilers of superstars that are
gonna be drafted to the brand like Becky Lynch ray Mysterio and Brock Lesnar well
now it looks like we can add another name to the list of top star that Fox
really want to have but that is up in the air right now there’s been a lot of
rumors about Fox representatives wanting certain WWE superstar for their big move
to their network from Ronda Rousey to Brock lesner and so on but now there’s
word that the network officials one the fiend the Bray Wyatt on Friday night it
was reported by wrestle boats the Fox 1 Wyatt and his alter-ego on Smackdown
however this likely won’t be happening as Raw executive director Paul Heyman is
pushing and is a gigantic fan of Bray Wyatt so he want him to stay on the red
bran I said right now why it’s expected to
stay on Raw but that wasn’t confirmed it will be interesting to see which top
superstars are sent to Smackdown in the next WWE draft but if Monday Night Raw
not being the quote-unquote a show anymore anyways guys let me know your
thoughts down in the comments below for any of these potential drives that we
could be seen and all of the big changes that have been announced if you haven’t
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