WWE Custom Hulk Hogan statue

welcome everyone JX army here and this time I will show you my play doh plastiline, dough (I dont know) Statue of Hulk Hogan one of the greatest well I make them all in play doh paint him like his face, his details like the Hulkamania bandana, these thing is heavy too heavy Hulk Hogan´s boots, the knee pads his designs, his belt the muscles, the order boot right on the back he has his Hulkamania… Hulkamania belt like the real one (there it is the other side and thats it) I built him in these stand because he can´t stand on his own, is too heavy (he have a little hole right here) I think it’s good it was for my art class from like a year, but… Well that is all some little different of the action figures (well thats all here tonight, this time) See you later.

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