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channel and to another roundup episode keeping you up-to-date another latest in Pro Wrestling coming up we’re talking the latest plans heading into
the Royal Rumble in WrestleMania 36 WWE actually acting smart and keeping
something away from us just to bring it back up at the right time the latest
regarding the United States Championship change at Madison Square Garden live
event possible canceled match at the Royal Rumble and new plants for Brock
Lesnar wrestler unable to compete last night due to injury
massive changes could be coming to a II W television and the latest on Paul
Heyman and Vince McMahon who exactly are they’re planning to push this upcoming
year and there’s already like five our superstars named on that list which
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nonetheless let’s go ahead and dive into it jumping into one of the major reports
heading into 2020 in WrestleMania itself it’s based on what exactly Roman reigns
is gonna be doing at the event this has been a hot topic of discussion as of
late especially after the recent rumors that WWE is going to have Roman reigns
win the Royal Rumble this upcoming month building to a universal championship
feud on WrestleMania 36 with the FINA Bray Wyatt
since the reports emerge Roman reigns has been stalking a feud with Kane
Corvin involving the likes of Dolph Ziggler and recently suspended Robert
Roode and it has become kind of obvious that WWE been trying to expand this feud
and just make it as long as possible to have Roman reigns do something even
though it’s not the most entertaining stuff from crown jewel to Survivor
Series they’ve been facing each other by night directly and then at TLC they have
a one-on-one match and Corvin actually picked up the win
so obviously WWE is gonna continue it cuz there’s no way King Corbin is gonna
come on top at the end of it oh and on top of that it is safe to say that Roman
reigns kind of been losing a bit of momentum as of late or just over the
last couple of months not just feuding with King Corbin but also kinda not
being the main focus of certain shows that he is in my guess he isn’t big
storylines but he’s not necessarily chasing for the championship or being
the main priority on the main event on pay-per-view and so on and the reason
for this seems to be that WWE has done it on purpose
that’s according to recent reports from wrestling news WWE officials decided to
purposely slow down and cool off Roman reigns from being in that top position
every single week every single pay-per-view they added that although
their intention is to have him as the top face in the company they didn’t want
to push Roman reigns too hard over the fears that the crowd would turn on him
before his upcoming WrestleMania Field which is said to be against the
universal champion the fiend Bray Wyatt so WWE been holding off on having these
two guys come across each other simply because when WrestleMania season does
come around they want to start off this field which will probably kick off right
after Royal Rumble that is when that heavy focus is gonna be put up once
again on Roman reigns very interesting to say the least and credit was due I
think it actually worked Roman reigns have filled with King
Corbin has been extremely annoying but I gotta say that I’m not necessarily annoy
of seeing Roman reigns on the TV like I was maybe two years ago when WWE was
shopping him down I throw right now he is a focus but he’s not even chasing the
championship and he’s going out there giving us decent matches and decent
promos and it feels like he is a building himself up to get to the main
event level position even though we know he’s already one of those guys so the
slow process has been working following up with some breaking news that we
covered last night and that is that we got a big title change out of live event
it is rare to see a big title change at WWE live event but it happened on
Thursday night at the house show in Madison Square Garden from New York City
we sold Rey Mysterio hitting a 6-1 9 and then he attempted a splash of the top
rope but that was countered and I’d rather hit the hammerlock DDT to get
clean the pinfall and come to the championship his second championship in
his WWE career the first one being the NXT championship and just to clarify on
some of the reason why this stuff usually happen it is a real title change
on a house shows but given that ticket sales were lower than usual for their
annual holiday show at Madison Square Garden they needed something to get
people buzzing for the next time that they have a show in the arena
Paul Heyman is also a strong backer of an tradicional mas so all of that might
add to the reason why they decided to put the title on him but ticket sales
are being a softer than you show especially for a live event at Madison
Square Garden it’s certainly concerning which definitely ends up being the
primary decision for them doing this they did it in 2017 with AJ Styles also
capturing the United States Championship also a Madison Square Garden creating a
bit of a buzz for live events and just letting people know that anything could
happen any night of the week on any show in the WWE even if it’s not televised
moving into some other news since his last match at Survivor Series last month
against Rey Mysterio reports has been indicating that Brock Lesnar will next
be competing in a WWE ring at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view on January 26 since
then we got into other multiple reports some including that the opponent for
Brock Lesnar at that event will either be Kevin O and so Randy Orton since they
are right now the top babyface of Monday Night Raw but there is a big
contradicting factor in all of this and that is that both ran do and Anna kevin
owens are a major feuds with other opponents now new reports indicate from
the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Odell Brock lesner might be in action at
the Royal Rumble that is not a guarantee as of right now and the championship
might not even be on the line they indicated that brockless or next match
would be on the show but there’s no indication that it will outright be a
WWE title match the other option that they have is the rumble with WWE hasn’t
put the champ in the rumble in years plus it doesn’t make much sense
considering that the point of the rumble is for the winner to go
to Wrestlemania and challenge the main champion in some way the good news about
all of this is that the report also indicated that Lester would not be
defending his WWE Championship against either Kane Oh Tyson Fury at
WrestleMania 36 so with that said if Lester is said to appear at the rumble
in a non-title match it is possible that WWE could put on a special attraction
match between Lesnar and Kane as a rematch or even Tyson Fury and I think
the main takeaway from all of this is that compared to previous years where by
this time we kind of had an idea of what exactly WWE was gonna be doing our
WrestleMania this year there’s some type of inner circle going on and no I don’t
mean aw inner circle I just mean that in the backstage WWE is keeping it
well-hidden of what their plans are which might not be a bad idea because
after all that creates unpredictable television on to some other quick news
and it seems like there’s a lot of things happening in live events which is
a good thing considering that there isn’t a lot of wrestling buzz right now
but this is not necessarily some good news it was announced to the live crowd
during the WWE house show in Cincinnati the – wilder of the revival was injured
he was then replaced by Curtis axel and did not wrestle for the night Sharan
Ross a fifo indicated the following – Walter came out in street clothes and
Dawson says – water’s jingle bells are hurt he added that he would recover but
as we mentioned he wasn’t able to wrestle during the night considering
that he was at the arena and he even came out it doesn’t look like – water’s
injury is a big one that’s gonna keep him out of action but it’s certainly not
good because WWE may and the body more time to his contract due to another
injury which obviously something that nobody wants specially the revival if
it’s true that they really want to walk out of the WWE on to some cueca put
massive interesting news regarding aew wrestle boat is reporting the following
aew is considering adding a commissioner type figure to TV name to watch his task
who’d recently finish up with his radio show job they
that they’re not sure if it happens but interesting nonetheless and I don’t know
about you guys but I’m kind of behind with this I like the idea of it as long
as they don’t get too much television time keep it like William Regal on nxc
we know Triple H is in charge we know regal makes the matches but he
doesn’t come out there on a weekly basis doing it he comes out there when
something bigs need some resolution and when he wants to book something and make
it more important all of this will be good for aw because that’s of late we
even get the commentary team just being confused on what exactly guys like Kenny
Omega the young box and Cody Rhodes are able to do and not do us executive
vice-president some of these guys say that they can’t even book matches and
then all of the sudden things just get more confusing so having a commissioner
it kind of gonna ease up on those questions that so many people have but
again please don’t put this Commissioner on television on a weekly basis and the
last piece of news for this roundup we’re talking the latest in regards to
multiple stars getting a massive push on Monday Night Raw
not just by Paul Heyman but also Vince McMahon The Observer gave a list of some
of the wrestlers have been pushed by Paul Heyman among the names listed is
Charlotte Flair so they do appear to have plans for her even though she has
not been too happy with the way she’s been booked since WrestleMania and as
we’ve been seen over the week Heyman is also heavily trying on pushing
superstars like Alistair black ricochet and body Murphy as well as true McIntyre
all of which you guys might have noticed that they’ve been part of some squash
matches over the last couple of weeks which might not be the most entertaining
thing to watch but it does a good job of putting the superstar over that needs to
go over my collar still black and Buddy Murphy each having a match of two
minutes worth just showing off to each other how good they are and then next
week they already got a one-on-one match that is probably going to be a classic
as for Drew McIntyre we kind already knew that WWE had big plans for him it
sucks that he got injured but now he is back and this upcoming WrestleMania
might be big for him last year he faced Roman reigns hopefully all of them
some continued although this is good because it demonstrates that there are
at least attempting to start to build something for the future
another interesting name on Paul Heyman’s list is some mojo which gets me
extremely excited because we know how good some mojo is and WWE noted but they
never really seems to just go all out with him maybe now that he’s back in we
know how big of a fan Paul Heyman is of him 2020 is hopefully the year that’s a
mojo does captured the WWE Championship in at least have a good run winning as
for Vincent man himself do server also added that vent is heavily behind Jim
McIntyre and Alistair black much like Paul Heyman bro so and very
interestingly he is extremely high on an ever-growing push so if that is the case
who the hell knows what’s gonna be in that cage it might just be a new sheep
mask for him but regardless WWE does seems to be
committed it to his push anyways guys that is what I got for you in this a
roundup episode covering other ladies in pro wrestling as always if you enjoy
don’t forget to elbow drop and make sure to have that Bell notification on to not
miss any of the upcoming coverage I’ll see you on the next one so stay Savage

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