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Here’s your news for
September 27 2019 We’re starting off with some WWE
news as the company’s main shows are about to sound a whole
lot different. Yesterday, WWE confirmed wide
spread changes to the
commentary desks for both RAW and SmackDown, whilst NXT
will remain the same. A press release from WWE hyping
up their upcoming ‘Premiere Week’
confirmed the changes, saying: “WWE Premiere Week ushers in
an unprecedented era of coverage
with special episodes of Monday Night Raw, NXT, Total Divas and
the FOX debut of Friday Night
SmackDown bringing fans eight hours of
primetime programming. As part of WWE Premiere Week,
new voices will be brought to the
Raw, NXT and SmackDown broadcasts. Raw’s new announce
team will include play-by-play from
Vic Joseph with Dio Maddin and WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King”
Lawler serving as analysts; NXT
play-by-play will be called by Mauro Ranallo with Beth Phoenix and
Nigel McGuiness as analysts; and
SmackDown will feature Michael handling play-by-play, Corey
Graves serving as analyst and
Renee Young as a Special
Contributor.” It’s good to see the King is okay
after being attacked by the Fiend, though hopefully he’ll be safe
behind the desk. These changes also mark a huge
step for Dio Maddin, who only
recently joined Vic Joseph and Aiden English on 205 Live, and the
former Houston Texan will now be
working on WWE’s flagship show, though there’s still no news on
what the plans are for 205 Live. Though the changes are good
news for some, it’s bad news for
the likes of Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips, and whilst fans are
pleased to see the King back,
he won’t be around for long, according to the Pro
Wrestling Sheet: “Lawler will likely only be used for
a short period of time on Raw. We’re told other people are being
looked at for the spot on a
full-time basis.” Fans should enjoy Lawler whilst
they can, as the Hall of Famer is one of the most well-known
commentators of all time. Renee Young will certainly be busy
over the next few months, as not
only will she be working as a SmackDown commentator, but
she’ll also be serving as the host
for the company’s new studio show. Yesterday, FOX Sports confirmed
the much-rumored show ‘WWE
Backstage’, which Triple H promised back in April, and although we
don’t know too much, we know
Young will be hosting. The Canadian commentator will
be joined by Booker T when the
show premieres on November 5th, as well as a rotating cast of guests
and personalities to cover the
biggest stories in WWE. Fans won’t have to wait until
November for the show though,
as a special preview will air on October 15th, after Fox
Sports’ Baseball playoff game. On this preview, fans will get their
first look at the set for WWE
Backstage and it sounds like it will feature
it’s own ring, but only time will tell. From one Renee to another now,
as Renee Maverick, the wife of
Drake Maverick has joined the quest for the
24/7 title. Renee, who refused to consumate
their marriage until Maverick held
the title long enough, posted a video of her pursuit for new 24/7
Champion Carmella and started
her hunt at the mall. Whilst there, Renee was confronted
by her husband, and whilst the
squabble between the two ended with Drake taking
her phone away, she uploaded
the video anyway. Carmella captured the title this
week on RAW from her pal
R-Truth, and while her reign is just a few days long, that still
makes her one of the longest-
reigning champions. It’ll be interesting how much
longer the Staten Island
Princess can hold the gold and if either Maverick will
be able to find her. Over to NXT now and after last
week’s debut on the USA Network,
Triple H celebrated in a very unique way by jumping into the crowd
for a Full Sail Arena selfie. This week, the WWE COO
continued his fun ways by
attending a dinner party he was invited to by fans who
probably thought he wouldn’t
actually show up The fans and the Game bonded
over their shared love of NXT
and was sent another invite for him to join
them at the Ale House, Though he couldn’t eat and
drink with the fans, Triple H
made it clear he appreciates the fans,
a class act by the 14-time
World Champion. Showing up, the Game surprised
the fans, although they may
have seen it coming since WWE’s camera crew were
already there to capture the
entire event. From NXT to RAW now and the
company has confirmed
another huge title match for the upcoming season premiere of
the red brand. On, the company
confirmed that as well as the
Universal and US titles the RAW Tag Team titles will
be on the line, saying: “The Season Premiere of Monday
Night Raw will play host to a cross
brand battle for the fate of the Raw Tag Team Championship when
Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode
defend their titles against Friday Night
SmackDown powerhouses
Heavy Machinery.” Next week’s RAW will emenate
from the Talking Stick Resort
in Phoenix Arizona and the show has plenty of
reasons to tune in. Asides from the 3 title matches,
there will also be a special
appearance by Brock Lesnar, Miz TV with guests Hulk Hogan
and Ric Flair and Sasha Banks
take on Alexa Bliss. Many fans have noticed it’s strange
for the SmackDown tag team to get
a shot at the RAW Tag Titles, but with the WWE draft set for
next month, the pair could
soon find themselves on the red brand,
and as champions. One man who knows all about
championship gold in WWE is
John Morrison, who is reportedly coming back
to the company very soon. Morrison hasn’t been seen in
WWE since his November 2011
release, but may be back very soon according to
this report by the PW Insider. Former Impact Wrestling
Champion John Hennigan
has signed a deal to return to World Wrestling
has confirmed. Hennigan, 39 years old, had a long
run with WWE after winning the
third season of their Tough Enough reality series, performing for
the promotion through 2011 as John
Morrison. During his first run with the company, he held the
WWE Intercontinental
Championship, the WWE version of the ECW title and had several
WWE Tag Team title reigns with
Joey Mercury.” After competing on Tough Enough
3 in 2002, Morrison spent nine
years with the company, and has had plenty of success since
his release, working with Lucha
Underground and Impact. It’s interesting to see whether the
Shaman of Sexy will actually be
back, but it’s not difficult to believe WWE will re-sign him, just to avoid
seeing another popular former
WWE Superstar go to AEW. As we mentioned earlier, next
week’s edition of RAW will see
Sasha Banks face Alexa Bliss and the Boss is very excited
for the bout. Though she’ll face Becky Lynch
at Hell in a Cell, Banks said she
has been looking forward to this match for her entire life, even
referring to her Women’s tag
team champion opponent as one of the
greatest ever. With the personal beef between
Bliss and Banks being pretty well
known, many fans were taken back by the Blueprint’s kind words,
though it was quickly discovered
that what she said wasn’t her words. Banks’ tweet was actually a word
for word copy of what Universal
Champion Seth Rollins comments about facing Rey Mysterio next
week, as the Blueprint was more
than willing to poke fun at the fiance of The Man. Regardless of what Banks may say,
she and Lynch have a date with
destiny inside Hell in a Cell next Sunday, but it wouldn’t surprise us
if these two came to blows on the
season premiere of RAW. Whilst Banks, Lynch and many
other Superstars have matches
next Sunday at Hell in A Cell, the company
has been very preoccupied. At this point in time, there are
more matches booked for Smack
Down’s debut on FOX than for the Pay Per View, and this
lack of booking has been reflected
in the event’s ticket sales. There are still nearly 500 tickets
left for the show on October 6th,
but it’s also important to remember that WWE
didn’t put every section up for sale. Two sections that are up for sale
however, have over 100 tickets
available a sign that things aren’t selling
as well as they should be. With the Pay Per View just over a
week away, it seems everyone who
was planning on going would have bought their tickets by now, so
don’t expect these ticket sales to
go up by much in the future. It’s not hard to see why WWE has
been distracted though, as with
RAW’s season premiere, Smack
Down on FOX, NXT on the USA
Network and much more it seems Hell in a Cell has
slipped through the cracks. As we reported, another big
change the company will make
soon is their new WWE Backstage show on November 5th,
and whilst Rnee Young and Booker
T will serve as hosts they weren’t the only ones
considered for the role. The Big Lead reported recently
that there were plenty of people
auditioning for the host role, and one of them was none other
than former SmackDown
General Manager Paige. Brad Shephard is now claiming
that Paige must have impressed
people with her skills as she was offered the role of
hosting Backstage, but
reportedly turned it down. Since being ousted as GM, Paige
has served as the manager of the
Kabuki Warriors, but hasn’t been
seen with Asuka or Kairi Sane
for as while as she’s recovering from her more recent
surgery on her neck. We don’t know what WWE has
planned for Paige next, but
we’ll hopefully get a better clue when she’s
all healed up. Back to NXT and while Matt Riddle
has the opportunity of a lifetime
next week for the NXT title, things weren’t
always as good for the
King of Bros. Before joining wrestling, Riddle
worked as a fighter in UFC,
but was released from the company after a series
of failed drug tests. Speaking on the ‘My Mom’s
Basement Podcast with Robbie
Fox’ this week, UFC President Dana White, a self-confessed
wrestling fan, said he has no
regrets about releasing the Welterweight, but admitted
Riddle may feel differently,
saying: “That place and time where we
were, it was the right move. I’m
happy for him, I’m happy he has been successful and is doing well.
I don’t wish the kid any ill will, I
don’t hate Matt Riddle or dislike Matt Riddle in any way.
I know he feels the opposite…as
he should, but I don’t wish him any ill will or anything like
that. I don’t regret the decision I
made at that time.” Riddle spent the majority of his
MMA career in the UFC, amassing
an impressive 7-3-0-2NC record, with his last match being in
February 2014, where he
defeated Michael Kupier via a second-round submission
at Titan Fighting
Championship 27. Whilst Riddle is scheduled to
compete against Adam Cole on
this week’s NXT, this match may not happen, according to
a report by WWE Now host
Matt Camp. Recently, Camp gave an update
on NXT’s roster, with Cole’s
condition being listed as questionable, thanks to a
radius fracture in his right arm. On the most recent edition of NXT,
Cole was locked in a fujiwara Arm
bar by the King of Bros, after the NXT Champion came out to taunt
Riddle following his Street fight
victory over Killian Dain. As of right now, Cole is still
scheduled to defend his title
against Riddle on the October 2nd edition of the show, but the card
as always, is subject to change. We’ve spoken a lot about WWE’s
deal with FOX to air SmackDown,
and whilst this may be a very profitable venture for the wrestling
promotion, this week saw a major
setback. This week, the Dish Network and
Sling both dropped FOX and their
affiliate channels in 17 markets, which will affect Dish’s 12 million
subscribers as well as the many
millions who subscribe to Sling’s
streaming service. This is bad news for WWE, who
will now be in less homes on FOX,
though a representative for the Network has said that this
action is just a tactic to get FOX to agree to what they described
as “outrageous demands.” Hopefully, this situation will be
resolved soon as with WWE
planning on working with FOX for many, many years, this isn’t
what the promotion needs to hear. We’re looking at ROH now, and
the company has confirmed
that the legendary wrestling theme producer will
create new entrance music
for PCO. The new theme will debut at ROH
Death Before Dishonor tonight,
according to Mike Johnson of the PW Insider, and will be
Jim Johnson’s return to the
business. It’s unknown whether Johnson will
continue to work with ROH or if
this is a one-time thing, but Johnston’s career
speaks for itself. For three decades, Johnston
worked with WWE, creating iconic
themes for the likes of The Rock ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, The
Undertaker and many more. And finally today we’ve got news
from Superstar Billy Graham who
was admitted to hospital earlier this week. According to his wife Valerie, Graham
was admitted with shortness of breath,
and has now told fans that the former World Champion is
dealing with Congestive heart
failure. Doctors also checked for blood
clot in his lungs, though thankfully
nothing was found. The report on Hannibal TV claims
that Graham suffered a minor
heart attack, and whilst this hasn’t been confirmed, it’s been noted
that he was experiencing
shortness of breath all the way back in April, and that
during that time, he couldn’t walk
up stairs. Graham recently took to
Facebook to update his fans,
saying: “Hey fans, I am back home from
the Mayo Clinic Hospital. I wanted
to thank everyone for their well wishes and prayers. I need rest
right now but by this coming Sunday
evening I will give all my Facebook fans an in-depth report on the
status of my heart. All I will say for
now is that I have suffered a heart attack and am in constant heart
failure. I am of course on medications
for my heart and will be for the remainder of my life. I am keeping
the faith and will fight !!! Superstar
Billy Graham” The legendary Superstar has been
plagued with health issues his
entire career, beginning with a hip replacement in 1986,
that nearly brought his time in
the ring to a close. Recovering, Graham would later
receiver a liver transplant in 2002,
and was hospitalized with bowel obstruction
4 years later. Since then, Graham has sadly been
in and out of hospital several times,
including liver problems in 2010, double pneumonia in 2013 and
internal bleeding in 2016. We would like to extend our best
wishes to Graham, his family and
his friends at this worrying time, and hopefully the legendary
Superstar will be able to recover.

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