WWE NEWS – Jack Swagger 3rd MMA Fight Booked BIG WWE RETURN Brock Lesnar Kofi Kingston Plans

Whilst NXT on the USA Network is
the big story of the day, it isn’t the
only news going around. Yesterday, Fox launched their
new social media profiles
dedicated to their relationship with WWE, and that wasn’t the
only major announcement from
the new home of SmackDown. As well as that, Fox also
announced three shows which
will air on the Network before SmackDown premieres. These shows are a Greatest Hits
that will air a week before the
launch a John Cena narrated Wrestle
Mania programme that will air
on Sunday afternoon either before or after Fox’s NFL
game, and a special pre-show
blue carpet special in LA before SmackDown premieres on
October 4, where Kofi Kingston
will defend the WWE Championship against
Brock Lesnar. Speaking of the Beast Incarnate,
Lesnar is going to be a lot busier
than he usually is, as now fans know he is back, WWE and
their promotional partners can
start advertising him for dates. Following his appearance on
SmackDown this week, Lesnar
is now being advertised for the September 30th episode
of RAW, as the company’s Wild
Card rule will still be in effect until after the
draft next month. To be fair, even if the Wild Card
rule wasn’t around, we all know
that Lesnar and RAW Excutive Director Paul
Heyman have never been too
worried about the rules. Not only will the September 30th
episode of RAW see an
appearence by the Beast before his WWE Title match
later that week, but that edition of the red brand will also be
RAW’s season premiere. Though this sounds like a big
deal, it’s kind of hard to tell
when the annual premiere is, given that WWE has no off
season, and RAW is the longest
running show in weekly
episodic history. Though the premiere may not
mean as much as what the
WWE think it does expect Lesnar and Heyman to be
on the warpath, as the Beast’s
advocate will no doubt tell fans what his client will do
to the New Day’s Kofi Kingston when the pair clash on
SmackDown. Not only that, Lesnar will also
appear on the November 15th
edition of SmackDown in Philadelphia, implying that he
will be holding the WWE
Championship by then though the card as always, is
subject to change. After all, since his return to WWE
in 2012, Lesnar has almost
exclusively appeared on RAW, and having him appear on the
blue show could be a hint about
how the title match will go. According to a pre-sale email
obtained by Wrestling Inc, Lesnar
will also have a face to face with Kofi in the city of Brotherly
Love, and though it could mean
nothing at all it could also means plans for a
Lesnar-Kingston rematch later
that month, at Survivor Series. Whatever happens, it’s clear that
WWE is taking the SmackDown
launch on FOX seriously and win lose or draw, Lesnar is
guarenteed to get people
tuning in. From one MMA fighter to another
now, as former WWE World
Champion Jack Swagger will return to action this October
for Bellator. Swagger, who competes under
real name Jake Hager, will
appear at the Connecticut Monhegan Sun Arena on October
25th to fight Anthony Garrett at
Bellator 231 according to a report by
ESPN’s Ariel Helwani. The 37-year old fighter is 2-0 in
his MMA career, with both of his
wins coming via first round
submissions earlier this year. By comparison, the 29-year-old
Garrett is 4 and 2 in his fights
from St Louis’ Shamrock FC promotion, with his
last outing being a TKO loss in
June. Interestingly, the pair share a
common opponent in J.W. Kiser,
as Garrett defeated him by TKO in his final amateur
fight, whilst Hager submitted him in his first MMA fight in
January this year. Asides from the Hager-Garrett
fight, the show will also feature
the Bellator debut of former UFC fighter and current
Bare Knuckle FC Champ Bec
Rawlings, as well as a huge main event between Frank
Mir and Roy Nelson, a rematch
from their UFC days. Back to WWE now and though
Liv Morgan is being held off live
events and dark matches until she’s
ready to return to TV, the
25-year-old has no problem showing herself off with her
Riott Squad Sisters After NXT’s launch on the USA
Network, Morgan had a sleepover
with partners Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan, complete with
a selfie of the trio, and told her
Twitter followers she hadn’t been this happy in a
long time, as it’s clear the group were thrilled to be reunited if
only for one night. The black and white photo did
reveal that Morgan hasn’t cut
much of her hair off, despite a recent video implying
she had, though it’s unclear whether she’s changed the
colour from it’s iconic Pink. Though Morgan has been out of
action for a while, she isn’t the
only person gone from screens though it seems Bobby Lashley
is putting the finishing touches
on his rehabilitiation. A former two-time ECW World
Champion, Lashley has been out
of action for a couple of months after he needed elbow surgery
to clean out some bone spurs. Though uncomfortable, this
surgery doesn’t usually keep
people down long, and Lashley recently teased a
return, tweeting out a loading
animated gif. Though Lashley didn’t reveal
much in the tweet, it seems his
return could be sooner than later, and with the WWE draft coming up
the Almighty could make a huge
return as soon as next month. Though several Superstars will
be moved in the draft, it seems
not even the commentary team are safe, as more reports have
come out about the teams
being changed. Previous reports have indicated
that Michael Cole and Corey
Graves will more to SmackDown on Fox, whilst Renee Young will
host the new studio show on
FS1 as well. This leaves RAW without anyone,
though Wrestle Votes has
claimed that the red brand will be voiced by two new stars,
Vic Joseph and Dio Maddin. Maddin has had an interesting
journey to WWE, as he played in
the NFL before making the jump to wrestling, where he
competed in NXT. Maddin, real name Brennan
Williams recently debuted on
205 Live’s commentary team though with rumors of the purple
brand shutting down, it’s unclear
if he’ll keep both gigs. Now, we all know that Sasha Banks
and Snoop Dogg are cousins,
with the legendary rapper appearing alongside
the Boss in the past, but this fact was recently used
by Becky Lynch against her foe. During their Clash of Champions
match, The Man covered Banks
with mustard, and after getting a good laugh
from the crowd, Lynch is
continuing with the jokes. It’s not hard to see what the
punchline is here, as many
people put mustard on their hot dogs, and Banks is related
to Snoop Dogg, and Lynch even
included a video of the condiment collission to
drive the joke home. With a rematch set for inside Hell
in a Cell next month, the rivalry
between Lynch and Banks is far from over,
and it seems, neither are her puns. And finally today we’re ending
with some AEW news, as the
company took the chance to appeal to
WWE fans in a unique way. During SmackDown Live this week,
ads were shown for the
competition for Direct TV customers and the strategy was used again
recently during NXT on USA. During the pilot show, Ads showed
on some cable systems before
8:30pm Easten, showcasing stars like Cody Rhodes, Jon
Moxley and the reigning AEW
World Champion Chris Jericho. This certainly won’t have made
WWE happy, though in a way,
it’s their own fault for not purchasing the right ad
time from the USA Network. Instead, AEW went directly to the
cable companies to buy ad time,
and though this strategy may not be sporting, it’s
probably going to be effective. It’s still a few weeks before AEW
launches on TNT from 8-10pm
starting October 2nd, though it’s clear that the war is
already on between the new
promotion and NXT.

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