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ladies and gentlemen I can’t fucking
believe what the hell I’m fucking reading I can’t fucking believe what the hell
I’m fucking reading and if you looked at this dumb nail and if you read the
description of this video you know exactly what I’m talking about and you
would know exactly what I’m going to get – ladies and gentlemen WrestleMania 35
just passed it just passed a week and a half ago and already already WWE mixing
man are planning out and planting seeds or have planted seeds for matches for
Wrestlemania 36 WrestleMania 36 will take place in Tampa Florida where the
Tampa Bay Devil Rays play their games Tampa floor next year April April 2020
WrestleMania 36 and WWE is already planting planning matches for
Wrestlemania 36 ladies and gentlemen WWE efficient man
can’t even plan for a fucking Monday Night Raw on a weekly basis and they are
already trying to plan out matches for WrestleMania 36 so WWE has these four
potential matches sex for WrestleMania 36 or planned for Wrestlemania 36 one of
these matches have been talked about for years one of these matches have been
talked about for years and quite frankly I am not fucking interested in seeing
this match I am NOT interested in seeing these individuals in a fucking
professional wrestling rape anymore one of these restless has
already had his fucking time in the Sun and he doesn’t need to come back to the
WWE and take someone’s spots away that desperately needs it at WrestleMania and
the other has had his fucking moments at WrestleMania five consecutive years to
be exact for the last fight the last five years because this year he didn’t
main event resume which thank God that didn’t happen ladies and gentlemen the
individual as I’m talking about us it’s the rock and Roman reigns yes
this match is penciled in right now for being the main of bangs for WrestleMania
36 a rock versus Roman ladies and gentlemen I almost threw up
in my fucking corner when I heard this match-fixing man is fuckin wetting his
pants wetting his pants thinking about this match
happening at wrestling I mean the rock is probably the only fucking legend left
that has to try to put over Roman reigns because everyone else has attempted to
do it and has fucking absolutely fucking failed at trying to get Roman reigns
over we have the fucking Undertaker two years ago at WrestleMania 34 in Orlando
Florida took a king to Roman reigns and tried to put Roman reigns over with the
fans and that shit back lasted like never fucking before the next time on
Monday Night Raw Roman reigns clean the fucking microphone to his fucking mouth
because he was getting booed out the building so fucking bad the other John
Cena John Cena took it came to Roman reigns tried to attempt to put Roman
reigns over fucking raised his hand in victory and again that she there’s gem the rock is the only one who
has it fucking gotten in the ring of Roman reigns and took a pic for the
Roman to put rubber rings over and apparently this is what’s going to
happen next year at WrestleMania Roman reigns versus the fucking rock I can
tell you this fucking outcome of the match a fucking new year prior to the
match we’re going to see Superman punch spear one two three and the rock will
fucking embrace Roman reigns in the middle of the Ring
in fucking Tampa Florida holding up his hand and showing homage to Roman reigns
and trying to put Roman reigns over do you really think that the rock is going
to be yes do you really think the rock the great one mr. fucking Hollywood is
going to walk into WrestleMania 36 in Tampa Florida and beat Roman reigns
really you must be living under a fucking rock if you don’t know if the
fucking Roman agenda is fucking alive and stronger than fucking ever the rock
is coming back for Wrestlemania 36 to do one job and that is to put Roman reigns
over people that’s all he’s coming back home for he’s not coming home to winning
match at WrestleMania he’s not coming home to bury Roman reigns he’s coming to
put Roman reigns over because this fucking senile old man who needs to just
fucking step down still sees Roman reigns as the fucking face of the
company since still sees Roman reigns as the
fucking guy I mean look what he did this past week on Smackdown live he announced
that he was going to have the biggest attraction ever for Smackdown live the
biggest accusation for Smackdown life out comes Roman reigns so fucking Kurt
Angle the Undertaker AJ Styles and the rock aren’t fucking greater accusations
King Roman reigns really now ladies and gentlemen Vince McMahon will stop at
nothing to get rubber rings over with the fans and the rock is coming back to
do one thing and that is to get Roman ring over with the WWE Universe there
are other matches listed for Wrestlemania 35 this year we have a
rumoured Matt riddle versus Brock Lesnar match two men who have all MMA
background that rid of his rape fantasies saying that he wants to retire
Brock Lesnar so we might get rap Matt riddle versus Brock Lesnar at
WrestleMania 36 another match that we’re going to probably get is the four
horsewomen if Sasha banks decides to come back to the WWE and Ronda Rousey
comes back from her pregnancy the four horsewomen versus the four horsemen
Shayna Baszler Ronda Rousey and to to egress from of a versus Becky Lynch
versus Bayley versus Charlotte Flair and versus Sasha banks for awful and in
another proposed matches babbitt versus whoever is the universal champion finn
bálor versus whoever is the universal champion come resume 236 listen to each
other I don’t want to see kid another fucking tank feet from the universal
championship okay they have done way too much damage to fit back to even put him
into the universal championship title match okay he already had his chance
what do you fought Brock Lester at the Survivor Series this past year so I’m
not interested in seeing Finn Balor versus any fucking Universal champ but
WWE is looking forward towards the future in a few big matches are
apparently impossibility WWE just uploaded a list called five things we
want to see a Wrestlemania thirty-six one stands out of this list
it’s the rock vs roman reigns april fifth 2020 we’ll see Tampa hosting the
show of shows WWE list of what they want to see and that only includes the great
one versus the big dog but also a few more things that could really spice up
the event that already has a prime theme they also teased John Cena versus The
Velveteen dream John Cena versus the Velveteen dream is another proposed
match John Cena has come out and flat-out stepped at the velvety dream BB
Teen Dream is the one he is the future of the WWE Shawn Michaels Velveteen
dream is Shawn Michaels’s pet project down in NXT right now so I can
definitely see this match and imagine a Velveteen dream and trace at the show of
shows at WrestleMania that would be fucking definitely fucking awesome of
course that match could only happen if the 16-time world champion is in neck
deep into a movie shoot which is highly unlikely
highly likely as his schedule seems to be busier all the time Macarena vs brock
lesner was also teased in a big way they brought up how riddle has stated that he
wants to retire Lesnar and propose that WrestleMania Theresa’s could be the last
for that it can happen at least gives the king of Bros an opportunity to face
the Beast incarnate they also took a chance and teased the four horsewomen
versus the four host horsewoman match at next year’s WrestleMania
of course Ronda Rousey currently in pregnancy vacation and Sasha banks
current situation with W you were not addressed the last match
listed including a second opponent because whoever is universal champion
needs to face Brock think back as the first ever Universal champion banner had
to give up his title after suffering a shoulder injury next year could beat up
could beat his time to show everyone what they missed out on on years ago so
there you have it people WWE teasing these matches the four horsemen versus
the four horsewomen Matt riddle versus Brock Lesnar The Velveteen dream vs.
john cena and fucking Roman reigns versus the rock
let me let let me know what you guys think in the comments section down below
which match are you more interested in are you guys really interested in seeing
fucking the great one versus the big dog The Rock vs roman reigns that is a match
and I am fucking not interested I’m fucking not interested in seeing Roman
reigns again in the main event of Wrestlemania
nonetheless if he fucking turns of you even if you fucking turns he’ll I don’t
want to see Roman reigns in the fucking main event of Wrestlemania we have new
guys on the roster now they deserve to have that spots we have guys like
ricochet we have guys like fucking Alistar black that deserve fucking spots
like that that are what with much more superior didn’t Roman reigns in the
fucking ring Alistair black and ricochet and I’m draw to see anonymous King
fucking runs circles around Roman reigns in the ring are you fucking kidding me
and we’re gonna put this men back in the main event spot with this fucking type
of talent that we have on the WWE roster right now and the rocks going to come
back to what to take the spotlight away from them because you know if he comes
back they have to cut problems against each other so you’re gonna get a fucking
thirty minutes segment of the rock on Monday never
offer fucking a whole month keeping the spotlight away from ricochet from
Houston black from gravis see anomalies from Kevin Owens from all these guys
that are trying to make a name for themselves I’m not interested in seeing
the rock it with WWE anymore he is half his time to shine and let let him just
be in how you let me know in the comment section down below
what you guys think about these four potential matches at WrestleMania to you
guys are you guys interested in them you guys want to see them let me know in the
comment section down below if you guys like this video hit that like button
subscribe the channel don’t forget to hit that Bell for all of application
when I upload a video and I will see you guys next time
thank you guys so much

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  1. Aleister black > Roman reigns 💩💩💩💩🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾☠️☠️☠️☠️

  2. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂This Roman Reigns Agenda is starting become absolutely laughable at this point. Vince, for the love of God go away. #VinceRetire

  3. I want to see John Cena Vs velveteen dream. That match will be good.

    I also want to see ricochet and aliester black at Wrestlrmaina 36.

  4. It will be a miracle if Sasha comes back to WWE she blocked them and wants nothing to do with them right now

  5. 1 How many times has a report came out and said The Rock Was going to be at wrestlemania in a match but ended up not coming true? i'll believe it when i see it

    2 As long as Roman Reigns isn't in the main event then its nothing to get mad about………if Roman does main event then i'm gonna turn the other cheek and not say anything………..because coming out of Wrestlemania 34 i said Roman Reigns wasn't going to headline Wrestlemania 35 and if he did i wasn't going to Defend WWE.

    3 i have no problem with people disliking Roman reigns……………………HOWEVER i hate it when people try to force WWE To turn Roman Reigns Heel…..

    as a fan i feel like Heel turns should be organic and come out of nowhere
    the one heel turn i refer back to is October 10th 20010 when Jeff Hardy shocked the world and turned heel……………..and bruh that heel turn was fucking awesome and the promos he cut was Awesome..

  6. I could understand that there are people who enjoy seeing The Rock on TV yeah he's lookin' real cool on TV… but when it comes to a WWE match. And bookin' him in a WrestleMania match I would that their asses know damn well they can set a better opponent for The Rock to go up against at WrestleMania 36. Then someone who have been there back-to-back, you could give some really good talent the opportunity to face him at WrestleMania, so that they would have a really good WrestleMania moment to remember. Besides I respect Roman, don't get me wrong… I just feel that with the way things that had been laid out in the story-line… time for something new. And Velveteen Dream vs. John Cena hell yeah make that damn match official so he would have the opportunity to make his mark in Pro-Wrestling

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