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WWE NEWS – WWE Denies Being in Talks With Enzo Amore and Big Cass/AEW Takes Dig at WWE/Sting Replies

WWE NEWS – WWE Denies Being in Talks With Enzo Amore and Big Cass/AEW Takes Dig at WWE/Sting Replies

Here’s your news for
August 30th 2019
WWE NEWS – WWE Denies Being in Talks With Enzo Amore and Big Cass
AEW Takes Dig at WWE Sting Replies We’re starting off with some news
about Big Cass and Enzo Amore
today, as it seems the rumoured return of the popular tag team
to WWE, isn’t going to happen. On August 29th, the Wrestling
Observer Newsletter reported
that WWE was in talks with the two about returning to the
company, with the planned
comeback seeing Enzo and Cass return to NXT when the
yellow brand moves to USA
Network next month. This isn’t the first time that Enzo
and Cass have made headlines
recently, as Amore made a scene at last year’s Survivor Series pay
per view, whilst the pair did
something similar together at the Ring of Honor
New Japan G1 Supercard in
April this year. In a tweet later that same day,
Dave Meltzer would say that WWE
has no interest in signing the Certified G’s, and that would be
the statement the company would
issue to several news outlets. Now we all know that wrestling is
known for it’s swerves, and saying
they’re not interested could all be a ruse so fans will be surprised
when they do come back, but for
now, nothing is for certain. It’s possible that WWE want Enzo
and Cass back solely to avoid
them going to AEW as the Wednesday Night Wars will
begin in October when the new
promotion launches their own show on TNT. During the Being the Elite Mailbag
at Starrcast 3 this week, the Elite
took every opportunity to take some digs out of the biggest
wrestling game in town. When asked why he didn’t have
pyro for his entrance, Adam Page
said it was because they were working on a WWE budget,
referencing the recent cuts
made by the company. When asked about bad wrestling,
Nick Jackson said that everyone
was forced to watch WWE at some point, and though his
Young Bucks partner Matt said there were no intentional digs
at the McMahon company, it’s
clear what was meant. Odds are there will be plenty
more digs at WWE by AEW in
the coming weeks, as Cody’s broken Triple H throne is also
on display at Starrcast, as the
War between the two companies is picking
up steam. Two Superstars who aren’t going
anywhere anytime soon though,
are Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan who have continued their
feud on SmackDown Live despite what had been
reported in the past. On Wrestling Observer Live this
week, Bryan Alverez said the plan
was for the Bryan-Reigns story to conclude at SummerSlam, but
WWE decided to extend the
story a while longer. When discussing when these two
will finally face off, Alverez said: “We’re probably going to get it at
Clash Of Champions, but they
could hold off until Hell In A Cell. So that was the idea that they
were going to wrestle at
Summerslam. They decided they were gonna
do this compelling angle to make people more
interested in the match.” Though Bryan Vs. Reigns would
make a fine main event at any
Pay Per View, the card for Clash of Champions is already stacked,
with six matches already
confirmed for the show. For RAW, the new Tag Team
Champions of Seth Rollins and
Braun Strowman will defend their titles against Robert Roode and
Dolph Ziggler, and regardless
of the outcome, the Architect and the Monster
Among Men will face each other later in the show for Rollins’
Universal title. On the SmackDown side of things,
WWE Champion Kofi Kingston
will hope to get some revenge on Randy Orton when the pair face
in a SummerSlam rematch, whilst
Charlotte Flair will hope to add a tenth title reign to her career
when she faces SmackDown
Women’s Champion Bayley. The show will also see Cruiser
weight Champion Drew Gulak take
on Humberto Carrillo, as well as the finals of the 2019 King of the
Ring, in what is sure to be one
huge night for WWE. Though the WWE Superstars will
certainly be kept busy at Clash of
Champions, that doesn’t mean they can’t keep an eye on the
news, as the Wrestling Observer
has said many Superstars are paying
close attention to a current
lawsuit in UFC. The basic gist of the suit is that
UFC fighters could soon be
competing for a lot more money if they win the case, and that
could set a precedent for WWE
Superstars down the line. With UFC taking a significant cut
of the revenue generated by
fighters, the cause is that these fighters are being underpaid in
a major way, though it seems
not as much as WWE Superstars. Between 2011 and 2017, the
combined total of UFC fighters
earnings came to $626 million, whilst all WWE Superstars in
those six years collectively
made $400 million and to put that into perspective,
boxing star Floyd Money
Mayweather was able to make $658 million
for just himself in that same
period of time. Though it’s unclear what the
future holds for the Superstars
pay, one thing that does seem for certain is a pay rise for the
men and women of NXT, as the roster are reportedly
already seeing their checks
increase in the run up to the show moving to two hours
long, as well as moving to the
USA Network. One Superstar who isn’t hard up
for cash though, is the Icon Sting,
as the former WCW World Champion had one of the greatest
in-ring careers of all time, before
announcing his retirement at the 2016 WWE
Hall of Fame. Though the Stinger may be out
of the ring for now, it seems that
could change, as earlier this year at Starrcast 2, the Icon said
he would love to work a programme
with several current stars. Amongst his list, Sting said he’d
love to compete against Braun
Strowman, even comparing the Monster Among Men to his old
rival Big Van Vader, and also
said he’d love to wrestle
Bray Wyatt. This last point certainly is
interesting, as Wyatt recently
took to social media to say the WWE Hall of Famer
was his next target. Having The Stinger face The
Fiend would certainly be
interesting, and with WWE’s record of having Hall of Famers
compete at their Saudi Arabia
shows, it’s very possible that Sting
would want to come back. That may be easier said than
done, as following his 2015 Night
of Champions injury, the company has medically disqualified Sting
from competing ever again, as it seems this dream match
will stay a dream for the time
being. Though we’ll will probably never
get to see Sting face Wyatt in
the ring, fans can still watch countless
matches of the two Superstars
on the WWE Network though that may be more
expensive for some viewers. The Network, which is supposed
to cost 9.99 a month, was recently
increased in the state of Maine, though it isn’t because of the
rumoured tier service the company
are reportedly working on. Instead, this increase to 10 dollars
53 was because of an tax
implemented by the state on certain forms of internet sales, a tax WWE
didn’t want to pay, so they passed
it on to their customers. So far, it seems Maine is the only
that with a tax that changes the
WWE Network’s price for now, though the company may need
to start putting a disclaimer on
all their advertisements. Though this price increase won’t
have been received well by the
Maine members of the WWE Universe, speculation is still
running rampant of a tiered
service in the near future. According to reports, the tiered
service could mean fans pay
more to see independent wrestling on the streaming
service, though for now,
nothing is set in stone. Though he may be the leader of
AEW, one Superstar who appears
plenty on the WWE Network is Cody Rhodes, who has certainly
been busy this week preparing
for All Out. Earlier this week at a live show at
Starrcast 3, Rhodes talked about
his career both in and out of WWE, and told a story of being
supported by Rey Mysterio. According to the former NWA
World Champion, Mysterio was
standing around the ring before a show years ago, and eagerly
told Dean Malenko that he was going to face Cody
at WrestleMania. Doing just that at Mania 27 in
2011, Mysterio ever helped
put Rhodes over on the night, something
Cody clearly hasn’t forgotten. The American Nightmare closed
up the discussion by hinting at
the possibility of Mysterio joining AEW despite returning to WWE
last year, saying: “I hope they do right by Rey,
because if they don’t, I’m gonna
steal that son of a b***h right off of them. Hashtag
contract tampering.” Though having the master of
the 619 in AEW would be
interesting, it seems that Mysterio won’t be going anywhere
any time soon, as he recently
started a new storyline revolving around his family on
RAW, which according to rumors
will see his son Dominick join the WWE roster
at some time next year. And finally today we’re ending
with some news from The Rock,
and though he may be a huge star and a leading man in Hollywood,
the Brahma Bull will clearly never
forget his wrestling roots. This week, current Impact World
Champion Brian Cage took to
Twitter to praise former WWE Superstar Ken Shamrock, and
these sentiments were echoed by the Most Electrifying man
in Sports Entertainment. In his reply, the People’s
Champion said how Shamrock
heled build the Rock character and thanked Ken for all he
did for his career. Older fans may remember Rock
and Shamrock’s war over the
Intercontinental Championship in 1998, as well as the pair meeting
in the finals of that year’s King of
the Ring tournament which saw the World’s Most
Dangerous Man capture the
crown. Despite leaving WWE in 1999,
the former WWE and MMA star
has remained a popular person amongst wrestling fans, and
recently set up his own bare
knuckle fighting promotion Valor. Earlier this month, Impact Wrestling
announced that Shamrock will be
making a return to the promotion later this year, as it
seems the first ever NWA-TNA
Heavyweight Champion has some unfinished business
inside the Squared Circle.
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  7. Yeah the thing with Enzo and Cass I think big Cass maybe might be they could take a chance with him you know cuz I think he regrets what he did but Enzo's just a liability man like he just off the wall man that guy's talented and he could have been a huge storm and it's got could have been like so huge if you would have just stay focused and not have his f**** head so far up his ass you know I used to arrogant the guys too arrogant and he's cocky you know he thinks he's better than you know everybody in the locker room and that's not how you conduct yourself you got to conduct yourself in a manner where everybody gets along with you and you respect other dority's for Enzo Amore then just off the hook and he also might be you know a drug addict you know that guy looks like he takes drugs you probably smoke weed pop pills he's just a liability man great time he could have been a f**** super star Megastar if you would have stayed on 205 live would have been like that would have been his cake right there that would have been his s*** you know that he was making 205 live like this s*** I was watching 205 live just because of him you know Enzo Amore was off the hook you know he was very good with the promos you know I wasn't a good wrestler but he was so good where you was doing at it's sad you know that the guy you know f*** up because they can take a chance with him or maybe they could do a one-off deal with End Zone cast to come back in just for one night only you know who knows who knows anything can happen I just think Enzo Amore is just a liability man he's a f**** and I don't think anybody in the locker room lights the guy

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