WWE Reportedly Furious Over Randy Orton Injury Angle

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Reportedly Furious Over Randy Orton Injury Angle Many within the WWE management structure
are reportedly extremely upset with Monday Night’s injury angle involving Randy Orton
The company is not upset with how the angle played out on television mind you Instead
WWE is reportedly upset that the ending was spoiled online ahead of time In case you missed
it Orton was wrestling AJ Styles at a WWE Live Event Sunday night when it appeared he
suffered a serious knee injury The referee threw up the “X sign” and stopped the match
Several outlets reported on the injury as if it was a legitimate one which is exactly
what the WWE wanted people to think Prior to RAW though Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer
reported that the injury was in fact part of a storyline According to the report I’m
hearing that a lot of people in WWE management are furious that Dave Meltzer leaked backstage
information about this week’s Randy Orton storyline One person told me that they believe
that creative find it much harder to write when everyone already knows the ending After
all the good news coming out of this is that Randy Orton is perfectly healthy and it appears
his program with AJ Styles will carry over into the new year Friends what are your thought
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