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WWE Womens Royal Rumble 2019 Live Reaction Video

WWE Womens Royal Rumble 2019 Live Reaction Video

Lacey Evans? welcome to the rumble what? its guna be somebody good who has like a lady gimmick? who’s guna clean her up somebody tough.. come on.. [Natalya’s music hits] [Mandy Rose music hits] woooooo [Riott Squad music hits] [Mickie James music hits] okayy [Ember Moon music hits] YESSSSSS I LOVE Ember Moon [iiconics music hits] woooooo which one is it? i dunno but i ******* love this song *singing* I love them [Nikki Cross music hits] OHHH YESSSS yes I LOVE NIKKI CROSS YESSS WOOOOO [iiconics music hits] [Taminas music hits] shes a lovely lady yeah [Xia Li music hits] okay [Riott Squad music hits] wooo [Charlotte Flair music hits] wooooo 13! woooo YES CHARLOTTE Charlotte Flair looks amazing i love her Charlotte Flair looks HOT ‘yo she is in ridiculous shape wooo [Kairi Sane music hits] YEAAAAAHH WOOOO I LOVE KAIRI *singing* [Maria Kanellis music hits] *singing* Charlottes guna throw her OH Lacey if Lacey Evans eliminates Charlotte that is guna set up like the craziest thing [Naomis music hits] *singing* YES shes not guna OHH YES NAOMI oh she is so sick ohhhhh oh my god ‘is she guna jump? shes guna freakin… Kofi Kingston oh no no Naomi you’re sick Naomi.. YES NAOMI GO ON GIRL YEAAAAAHHHHH WOOO OH OH OH NO NOOOOOOOOOO [Candice LeRae music hits] Candice LeRae? yeaaahh wooooo thats awesome [Alicia Fox music hits] [Kacy Catanzaro music hits] okay [Zelina Vega music hits] [Riott squad music hits] [Dana Brooke music hits] [Io Shirai music hits] Io Shirai? cool [Rhea Ripley music hits] YESSSSSSSSSSS WOOOOOO YESSS YESSS **** YES ******* SICK SIIIICK YES RHEA YESSS YES RHEAA WOOOO ****YES SHE IS SICK NINJA NINJA YESSS so sickk oh her and Ripley can so that whole thing together that’ll be beautiful oh yes Rhea here they go oh OH yess ohh wooo yes yesss [Sonya Deville music hits] (hornswoggle happened) whatttt? whatt? [Alexa Bliss music hits] yessssss wooooo wooooo yes yes welcome back! welcome back! welcome back! [Bayley music hits] yessssss wooooo [Lana music hits] YESSS what the hell.. what the hell? [Nia Jax music hits] YESSSSSSS WOOOOO YES NIA YESSSSSS YESSS YESS WOOOO [Carmella’s music hits] becky becky becky LET HER IN LET. HER. IN. LETS GO COME ONN YEAAAHHHHH YESSSS YESSSSS YESS YESSS wooooo yesssss wooo becky becky becky becky becky becky becky becky becky noooooo NO noooo noooo i love how this match has picked up now (Becky chants) she guna get her up? she getting her uUUOOOHHH OH ohh my god she getting her out? eyyyyyyyyy yesss wooooo oh my goshh (Becky chants) oh my gosh oh nah man wooo ohhh ohh get her out get her out ohhhhh oh oh OH OH OHHHH OH GET HER OUT YEAAAAAAAAHHHH YESS YESSS WOOOO YESSSSSS YES YESSS WOOOO WOOOOO YESS YESSS YESSSS WOOOO YES yes! im so happy yessss *singing* YES

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100 thoughts on “WWE Womens Royal Rumble 2019 Live Reaction Video

  1. Your reaction to Natalya was what made me stopped watching… I just lost it LMAO!!!! 😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆

  2. First minute into the video and she isn’t happy with the entrants. Why attend if you gonna be a sourpuss? I would’ve loved seeing any of those 5 women live AGAIN

  3. Your Rhea Ripley reaction was my absolute favorite. I love her so much as well and I popped so hard when I was watching it at my friend's house. You got yourself a new subscriber

  4. 6.34- goshh.. the way u scream for RHEA.. haha
    8.12- Alexa Bliss still relevant! Crowd was insane!
    9.55- u killed it!! Goosebumps.. hahahaha

  5. Let’s go Naomi!

    Let’s go Kairi Sane!

    Let’s go Charlotte!

    Let’s go liv morgan!

    Let’s go Alexa bliss!

    That is it that I have time for…….l feel bad for Lana

  6. Wait? What? Io Shirai cool? The best female wrestler in the world… it's just cool? Wow! But Rhea a girl that barely can wrestle, got more reaction for her theme song hahahaha what a joke. You need to look up Io Shirai matches in Stardom, charlotte can't do the moonsault that she can not even the bellas are on her Level.

  7. I think your reaction is so Mean to others but the other reaction Give respect not copying others

    And im not a judger its my my thoughts

  8. so you cheer for Mandy Rose but give a stinkface to Natalya when Mandy will never be an Italian league of rest and she's only there for her wait she doesn't have that good of looks so I really don't know why she's there but she's there LOL

  9. Becky lynch is meh, the tough girl image is embarrassing, she is just not strong enough. its why wwe still wont draw with her, she is not believable ..

  10. Great seeing the ladies loving the show and cheering their favorites, but who else wants to party with that big ol Samoan dude behind them?

  11. If you look up William Kliskey's Rumble reaction video, you will see yourself off to the right of him! He's literally like 50 feet from you to your left. What are the odds on that one!

  12. Rhea Rippley, The Iconics, Ember Moon, Mandy Rose, Nikki Cross, Kairi Sane hype entrances… Push This Girls.

  13. Personally, I think Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss deserved the loudest pops. Natalya should’ve gotten a louder pop than that.

  14. 8:11
    Being completely honest, she was my pick to win the match beforehand.
    Although I have to admit, WWE kinda ruined her entry for me by having it announced the previous Monday – just imagine the pops if she had been a surprise entrant

  15. Rewatching this and I picked up something cool
    Jess: Charlotte Flair is hot.
    Some random dude: Yea, she IS in ridiculously good shape.
    (It sounded so sitcom I had to chuckle)

  16. I've met Demi Bennett (Rhea Ripley) In person many times now as she lives in South Australia as well as me, is always at our hometowns New years Eve festival so it's always good seeing her for a chat 🙂 Only ever got one photo with her as I hate being annoying like that aha

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