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WWE: Wrestlemania 33 Betting Preview and Picks

WWE: Wrestlemania 33 Betting Preview and Picks

Wrestlemania 33 goes down this Sunday and the way oddsmakers have been setting lines for WWE events lately you’d almost think that the outcome of the matches are predetermined. Now Justin at the top of this card we have two championship matches with very lopsided odds. Randy Orton is a -800 favorite over Bray Wyatt and Brock Lesnar is a ridiculous -5000 thousand favorite over Bill Goldberg. Is there any reason to bet the dog in either of these matches? When it comes to Goldberg no, God just don’t even touch it. Lesnar’s going to win this match everybody knows it unless Vince McMahon ten minutes before the show decides to just completely change everything Lesnar’s got this one don’t expect a pretty match. This is here to draw casual fans, so hardcore fans could probably tune in 10 minutes less of Wrestlemania. Ok. But when we’re looking at Wyatt, Wyatt has a chance of beating Orton. I’m not saying its huge, maybe I’m naive to believe this, but I think Wyatt should be one of the top tier guys and I think losing to Orton really did nothing for him. He became a transitional champion with the belt and we’re back to boring baby Orton and Wyatt kind of just middling around. And maybe I’m crazy to think that Smackdown will think of something good because lately there’s been arson there’s been ash digging up there’s some crucifix so it’s been pure 1997. Totally bogus, yeah that’s what I say. So another high-profile match involves the Undertaker vs everyone’s favorite superstar Roman Reigns. Now Roman isn’t a good guy, he’s not a bad guy but he is indeed that guy and I’m shocked to see him as a -700 favorite is the Undertaker really going to lose at WrestleMania for just a second time ever? More than likely we’re seeing this, Takers old and he’s looking like it every time he steps in the ring he has looked decrepit, he’s clearly in pain, he needs surgery and he getting to the point where there’s just it’s not feasible for him to keep coming back and remain healthy. Taker’s an old school guy. Taker believes in kind of the old way of thinking in the old way of thinking is you go out on you’re back. You put the younger guy over and it’s not like the Reigns really needs any sort of extra push but if we really want to just get the crowd popping against Reigns have him beat Taker at ‘mania and then that seventy percent that hate him will probably turn to 80 percent. Sure. So possibly the best match of the night features former best friends Kevin Owens vs Chris Jericho and Owens is a favorite in the ballpark around -1000. Now I know what WWE creative sometimes changes their minds leading up to an event but for me this is an absolute lock with Ownes. Am I right or am I wrong? I’m going to give KO like it’s eighty percent chance to win this but I still think Jericho has a very realistic happenstance to come to the victory. I think that he’s a face in what could very well be a heel heavy card so I think you’d give him the win to kind of get that good feelings with the crowd and then say Jericho wins on Raw the next night you could just have KO completely destroy him write Jericho off TV, KO is the champ anyways so we’ll see. I really do believe KO wins this but I think there’s a very realistic chance that they can decide to go Jericho and give him that kind of, maybe his last two hurrah at WrestleMania cause he’s starting to get up there too. Finally! Finally we have a spot, some people might get that, I hope most wrestling fans would get that, finally we have a spot that offers some nice plus money value for bettors in the Raw women’s championship match lay it out for us. Well Bayley’s going to come into this match as a massive -700 favorite clearly her next feud is with Sasha Banks. Clearly Bayley’s not going heel, Sasha Banks has to turn heel. So it either has to happen at mania and she wins the belt or it’s probably going to happen the next night on Raw when she turns on our best friend to start that feud. So I think at the very least it’s worth a punt here anywhere from +400 to +500 on Banks to do it at mania or at least have something interesting happen there and also take a look at Austin Aries. Austin Aries on the pre-show against Neville for the cruiserweight title. The guy’s a superstar waiting to happen and that belt’s been on Neville for a while so I think it could use a shake-up. Thank you very much Justin. One quick tip before we go, when betting on wrestling be sure to shop around a bit as odds at different sports books tend to vary, so check out what’s available from the books in our sportsbook review sections. For more WrestleMania 33 coverage including updated odds keep it locked on, the pound-for-pound king of betting news, believe that.

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