Xu Xiaodong Gets Destroyed By Muay Thai Kickboxer

Fight commentary breakdowns karma has happened On the right is Yan Shuai Qi On the left is Xu Xiaodong This guy is known to be destroying old whack kungfu masters, so let’s see if a
kickboxer can take on Xu Xiaodong this Xu Xiaodong, look at them, he’s pressing forward; our boxer is… Xu Xiaodong does a kick Uh oh…boxer’s getting aggressive Boom So this is later on in the spar session; look at this… Xu Xiaodong has no idea how to protect against these knees man. Our kickboxer Muay Thai guy or whatever Oh Xu Xiaodong’s on the ground now not giving up though; he’s not giving up How does it feel man? To be on the other side… oh he ate that flying knee…come on, Xu Xiaodong Don’t just cover up man! Muay Thai plum, temple to temple…. What are you doing? I thought you an
MMA fighter….what are you doing? Oh And I’m not gonna show you guys, up
close, because he’s bleeding pretty bad it’ll get me demonetized, so guys that’s what happens man…. That’s what happens…karma… karma comes to you when you only pick on people less skilled This is what happens, this guy was more skilled than Xu Xiaodong So who is this Yan Shuai Qi… I did some
research…Yan Shuai Qi This is Yan Shuai Qi right here
Shuai Qi, he’s fighting a Muay Thai guy Let’s look at what they’re doing Boom… He eats a teep from the Muay Thai guy Come on, Shuai Qi… so boom… Shuai Qi almost got his leg caught Boom Shuai Qi’s much bigger; has more reach, it looks like So boom He is getting aggressive… woo those knees that he used on Xiaodong, man!! Alright Look at that; this is an eight sided
ring….very interesting kind of a compromise between a ring and a cage so Shuaiqi is launching those knees man our Muay Thai guys getting scared boom…okay Shuaiqi is…OH!! look at that… same knees that he used on Xu Xiaodong So let’s look at another fight real quick, so this is him versus an Australian Shuai Qi vs Australian, and this is in a four-sided ring so let’s go Australian goes in…kick…kick exchange Shuaiqi caught the leg for a second look at that…he got his leg caught…boom none of those punches really landed so boom let’s go man ooh… Is he gonna do some more knees that we’re gonna see? Those crazy knees that he did on Xu Xiaodong? Boom, here he goes, flying knees… boom one-two Punches….Australian guy is hurt, man! Australian guy is hurt alright the referee has reset them… Yan Shuai Qi I think has a lot more reach than the Australian guy boom so boom BAM one two two jabs and a cross boom boom those those…oh good Australian guy got pulled down if only you could grapple, that fight
would have been finished by now… So…Yan Shuai Qi oh sorry guys, not Australian…New Zealand He’s fighting a New Zealander Hey to my viewer Joseph, you want to fight Yan Shuai Qi? I know you’re an MMA fighter And you’re in New Zealand Shuaiqi ate a…ate a punch I think his mouthguard fell or something So…jump forward here we go…connecting with the right Boom Haven’t seen much clinch going on Boom looks like…looks like both are taking it a
little easier 28 seconds left in the first round so this goes on for a little longer; let’s jump forward so this is the second round And Unless there’s no clinching involved in this kickboxing match or something like that But okay…fights about to happen So Boom One-two More like three four; it’s a hook so okay that is the…that is the end of the second round let’s do a third round…let’s look real quickly boom those knees man… boom…a jab let us see if he can capitalize on this both of their faces are pretty… oh that spinning kick… almost got him He’s like, “Yeah, we’re having fun, man, aren’t we?” So Oh…he ate a kick…OH THAT KNEE Oh, he is down! He won. Man…this is…this guy’s the king of knees, man This guy is the king of knees Man this guy’s the king of knees okay he won oh my god, so…. this is the dude who… gave Xu Xiaodong a lesson and he trains at Da Dong Xiang Shi Zhan or Da Dong Xiang Bo Ji So there’s a Chinese MMA studio called
Da Dong Xiang MMA so that’s where our guy trains at if you guys want to see Xu Xiaodong’s injuries, go on this page You guys will see it I will not show you guys because I will get in a lot of trouble So…guys…looks like we found a
better fighter in China that could give Give Xu Xiaodong a match What do you guys think? Fight commentary Breakdowns… And, is China going to embrace MMA? Is China gonna become the boss of MMA soon? Let us know in the comments! Big big big shout-out to World War 1 Tim for sending me a few clips and then getting
me to do more research First on Fight Commentary Breakdowns I don’t know if any other channel has brought you this Alright guys! Leave a comment; share this
with everyone. Bye bye!

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