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Yakuza 0 (dunkview)

Yakuza 0 (dunkview)

Only in a video game can you go from this… …to this. ♪ [ Yakuza 0 OST – 24 Hour Cinderella ] ♪
♪ Truly I LOVE YOU! ♪ ♪ I’ll send it to you ♪ ♪ Surely YOU LOVE ME! ♪ ♪ It is conveyed ♪ Back to this, and then… Oh. What in the name of fuck? And then back, and then ♪ [ Yakuza 0 OST – Friday night ] ♪ [ Dunkey cackles ] ♪ ♪ ♪ [Clap] ♪ ♪ ♪ Yakuza has an incredible ability to betray its own serious tone with ridiculous bombastic spectacle. It masterfully crafts dark cinematic tension and memorable characters with commanding emotive voice acting. You have these grizzled beat up looking villains with their entire history written right there on their face. They’re so evil and hateable, and right when the game’s got you, and you’re yelling, “YEAH! NOW LEMME FUCKING KICK THIS GUY’S ASS!” “NOW HERE WE GO!” Huh? It barrages you with lame-ass tutorials “Yeah!” and a headache of bizarre systems, that struggle to complement each other. But the storytelling is so captivating towards the start, “Hey, boy!” that it glides you through the monotony. As the training wheels start to come off though the story starts slipping by introducing a lot of weak sub-plots. “Oh, boy!” For a game about beating the ever living shit out of everyone, this game pulls a lot of punches. Characters get shot and then they’re completely fine two seconds later, because the gun only does a third of your health bar. You fight your through three hundred guys to get to the Big Boss, and then he says “Ahhh, that was just a test to see if I could trust you.” Finally, you encounter the fucking dickhead villain. Do you get to rip his fucking head off? Nope. Both of the segments are Batman, uh, can’t kill anybody and now you’re best friends. And it had me, then it lost me. Then it starts reeling me back in. Nope, suitcase. Oh, shit! This dude killed my father? And he says Mario 64 sucks dick? Uhhh, I’mma have to beat his ass! Huh? The thing is Yakuza’s town is so spring-loaded with stuff to do, that you can almost forget the core story entirely. You got racing, grambling “Out…” “…Run!” this shit, baseball, darts, pool, dancing. You have these business mini games when you walk up to a store with a briefcase and go “I’ll buy the money!” You can go bowling and win a chicken to be one of your managers. This is real. You also have 300.000 hilarious, fucking goofy ass side missions, you got one where you impersonate a movie producer. You have to get this guy’s pants, you have to wait in line for the Switch, you inadvertently shape taxing policies for years to come. There’s one where you protect Michael Jackson from zombies, while he moonwalks down the street. They thought of everything. To be honest, this entire game is just a bonus distraction from the real game. The Karaoke. [ Dunkey laughs ]
♪ I am no good. No good ♪ Who is the man, who came up this shit? Give him the award, okay? ‘For Best Man’ Words cannot describe, how incredible this stupid ass thing is. ♪ No matter how str- I think with a bolder, more memorable story this would have been a classic. But if you give this game a chance, you’ll find a lot to love about Yakuza Zero. This is real! This is in the game. ♪ dun-dun-dun-dunkey ♪

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88 thoughts on “Yakuza 0 (dunkview)

  1. I fucking despise this game for so many reasons. Combat is okay but kind of monotonous and all gameplay that isn't combat is fucking terrible

  2. More memorable story?? This was one of the most memorable storylines I’ve ever experienced in a video game, dunkey! Wtf you on about…smh.

  3. Playing through part 2 right now. I'm gonna start collecting the series. The humor is just fucking there. Despite all of it's obvious flaws. I simply love this game.

  4. And its nice to see Kazumas humble beginning. I mean the manliest men of men must have been a boy at some point. And then he is still manly as feck

  5. late but man i gotta respectfully disagree, the yakuza 0 story had me in its grip all the way to the end, goro majima has the most memorable character introduction i think ive ever seen in a game

  6. One moment you're having an emotional confrontation with your oath brother, the next you're sneaking around avoiding women just to buy some kid a porn magazine. I love this game but I don't feel like ever starting a New Game+

  7. This might just be me, but the story had me hooked almost the whole way through. It made me hella emotional at points, something I wasn't expecting at all.

  8. Your biggest complaint is the story? The story in this game is one of the best stories I have ever seen in a game, I loved it

  9. The song dunkey played at the end is a theme song of Japanese store called Donki Jote. Everything in there is crazy cheap and every customers are lowlife punk and manual laborers with no academic background.
    It's basically the Walmart of my country.

  10. It's like the Metal Gear Solid series. Where it can be very serious and has a good story. But be very wacky and random at the same time.

  11. Western culture for gaming has become rather toxic in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong there are still plenty of games that blow that statement out of the water such as God of War (PS4), Spider-Man (PS4), Red Dead Redemption 2 and Horizon Zero Dawn. It’s just unfortunate that the main market for gaming in the West is focused on largely multiplayer yearly releases/cash cow franchises or battle Royale trends that serve to milk the consumer of their cash. FIFA, Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty hell even Far Cry which used to be a favourite of mine has fallen from grace after the third instalment.

    The east just seems to have a much more focused grasp on what makes a video game inherently fun and Yakuza 0 is upfront proof of that. It isn’t perfect sure, but it’s full of character and personality with hundreds of hours of potential gameplay with plenty of replayability to boot. The side stories are enough to divert your attention from the main story simply in the basis that it completely juxtaposes the story’s serious tones with their jolts of whimsical zaniness out of the blue.

    Seriously, just play the damn game.

  12. does dunkey have any playthrough's up somewhere? i'd really love to watch a full playthrough of any of the games he's played

  13. I love this game so my opinion might be swayed but the whole story think had to be smaller because it was a prequel and had to still fit the story into yakuza 1

  14. How the hell is this 3/5. The story is great. It's so badass with the soundtrack. How the hell is it not "memorable" to you. It's a Japanese game. Japan makes better stories in games than the US.

  15. Yakuza has to be one of the most boring, overrated series i ever had the misfortune of wasting my time on.
    I pirated 0, Kiwami and Kiwami 2. Got bored out of my bloody mind with all 3 games, played each for about 15 or so hours.
    I guess i am not really into this Jap over the top bullshittery.

  16. Only 3/5 that's like a 6 on the scale of 10, what the fuck dunkey? what is your problem? The truth is that you are very rare in your quality levels, you can exaggerate and say that a meh game is a masterpiece and the next day talks about very good games and dismiss them as mediocre.

  17. I love when Dunkey has to stress when something is real because of how much of a bullshitter he is sometimes

  18. May be a bit late by just a year… arhhhh… I say I barely missed it
    Anyways I only came to say that if you think the story is not good, then I’m sorry my man, but I think you hit your head a bit too hard

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