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Yoislandy Izquierdo – Cuba Libre And Ready For The UFC

Yoislandy Izquierdo – Cuba Libre And Ready For The UFC

Fight fans, this is Jorge Rivero here with Yoislandy Izquierdo. Yoislandy, how are you doing brother? For those of you that have been following Yoislandy’s story, he was recently freed from his contract with his prior promotion. And now he is ready to fight in the UFC. Yoislandy, tell me what you think about your release and this upcoming opportunity (with the UFC)? Well right now I feel free like you said. I feel much more alive. To keep going now that I have the chance to fight for the UFC. I just keep training. And the UFC is giving me the chance to fight with the best in the world.
That’s my purpose. To fight with rivals better than myself, and getting wins, until I fight the champion in my weight class. The only way to get better is to fight those that are equal or better than you and learn, and see who truly is better in the octagon. Exactly. The way to grow in this sport is to fight ‘name’ fighters, that are good and well known.
And to use my talent towards it. Because now no-one knows me. But little by little they will get to know me.
Now for those that don’t know your story, how did you get to the US and then get into MMA? Really I went through some trouble to get here.
My family helped me. I went to Spain, then to Costa Rica, then to Guatemala, then to Mexico. In Mexico I was detained for a month. They let me go and I asked for political asylum in the U.S. and they accepted me.
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I spent a year working and just trying to understand the world here. Then I found MMA. Thank God my manager had a gym in Hialeah and I began training there. He watch and said “this kid has talent.” Like he said, I was like a knife that needed to be sharpened little by little. Then he took me to a gym with more talent, more professional [fighters], and where I could get better quicker. And now I am training with Young Tigers where my coaches are supporting me and guiding my career well. Young Tigers is one of the best gyms in the U.S. in my opinion. What they train there is hard to find anywhere else. Exactly. All due respect to the other gyms, but I think Young Tigers is great from the top down. You mean like Alexis Vila, Jorge Masvidal… Masvidal, Bruce Leroy, Jose Caceres, Felix and many other athletes that are developing and are getting better. That’s not me saying it, it’s the results. And now I’m training with Rico Coco, to improve my jim-jitsu. Mike Rio. And other great athletes there. Alexis Vila is helping my ground game tremendously with Jorge Masvidal. Tremendous athletes those two. They’re working personally with me. And I’m evolving little by little. I consider myself a humble fighter in MMA, that’s trying to find his piece. Now for the question we are all wondering about. What is the status of your fight on February 15th? We’re currently in limbo for the February 15th fight. What I do know is that if I don’t fight in this event I will fight in another. No matter what I kept training, because nothing can stop me. Preparation is key. Just because we’re not fighting doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be training. In Cuba we trained for pure pleasure and joy of it. And now we have to do it even harder. What I saw on Facebook and online was you signing a contract. Is the contract with UFC already signed? Yes it’s already signed. The only thing that was delayed is my debut. So the question isn’t if it’s going to happen, the question is when. Exactly. I’m prepared for the 15th if I get the opportunity. But if it doesn’t happen, I’m going to keep training. Who would you like to thank both personally and professionally? Personally I’d like to thank all the fans that supported me on Facebook, on the streets, my family, my wife and daughter, my managers who did an excellent job… I’d also like to thank my coaches, Eric Castanos, Manuel Lopez, Carlos, Rico Coco. I’d also like to thank CFA for making a good decision by releasing me. It’s truly professional on their part and good for both of us. Folks, you can find Mr. Cuba on Facebook, Cuba Izquierdo if I’m not wrong. Do you have a website yet? Not yet, we’re still working on it. Well you can find him here and at CageJunkies. Cuba, thanks brother. Watch this fighter, in the UFC or any organization he may fight for. Ciao.

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