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YOU vs WWE Wrestler – Could You Defeat Him or Her?

YOU vs WWE Wrestler – Could You Defeat Him or Her?

We’ve all seen them on TV- muscle bound men
and women taking to a ring in an elaborate display of physical skill and over dramatic
acting, all to the roars of a cheering crowd. But how much of the ensuing fight is real,
and how much of it is just carefully coordinated stunts? Are professional wrestlers real-life modern
gladiators, or just pumped up stage actors? Hello and welcome to another episode of The
Infographics Show- today we’re asking: You vs a WWE fighter- could you defeat them? The WWE was founded in 1952 by Jess McMahon
and Toots Mondt as Capitol Wrestling Corporation. Originally a boxing and wrestling promotion
company, CWC quickly began to grow into its own entity and eventually became the World
Wide Wrestling Federation, or WWWF, then the World Wrestling Federation, or WWF, until
finally becoming World Wrestling Entertainment in 2002. Today it is the largest professional wrestling
company in the world and airs its programs in more than 150 countries, with 12 pay-per-view
events a year and 230 live events a year throughout the world. In 2014 it even launched the first ever 24/7
streaming network which showcases the entire WWE video library. Dubbed ‘sports entertainment’ for its highly
orchestrated storylines and pre-rehearsed matches, professional wrestling nonetheless
is a grueling and challenging career that takes top strength and stamina both. If you’re going to go up against a professional
wrestler, forget what you’ve heard from your friends about wrestling being fake- the moves
may be highly orchestrated, but you’re still going up against one of the strongest and
most agile professional athletes in the world. Once described as requiring the grace of ballet
performers with the strength of powerlifters, professional wrestlers are in peak physical
condition, with daily routines that include total body strength training exercises and
intense cardio training. Their live are so intense and their performance
schedules so packed that they are the only professional sport without an ‘off season’. Professional wrestling also includes one of
the highest injury and death rates of any professional sport. Some of the most famous injuries suffered
included Sid Vicious snapping his leg in half after a botched leap from the top ropes, Joey
Mercury breaking his nose and requiring reconstructive surgery after taking a ladder to the face,
and even a ripped butt after WWE Superstar X-Pac jumped onto a turnbuckle which ripped
his anus in half. That last one might sound funny, but it required
major surgery. Other injuries have included multiple broken
necks, permanent spinal damage, ripped-off ears, and a cut artery. Shockingly most of these wrestlers continued
to fight, often just days or weeks after their horrific injuries. And if you still think wrestling is fake and
you could easily take on a WWE Wrestler, consider the hardcore matches- special events were
traditional wrestling rules such as disqualifications, count-outs and tap-outs don’t apply, and typically
take place in unusual environments and involve improvised weapons, thumbtacks, barbed wire,
light tubes and the such. Popularized in japan which hosted several
hardcore wrestling organizations, the style quickly made the move to the US and became
wildly popular across America and eventually the world. Focusing on shock-value, blood, sweat and
gore over the technical skills and acrobatics of regular wrestling, hardcore wrestling puts
its fighters in serious risk of injury or even death. Hardcore matches are typically broken down
into different categories, including: 24/7 title match, where a wrestler must defend
his or her title at all time and at all places. The premise being that the current champion
could be jumped and attacked from out of the blue, and some notable matches have taken
place in hotel rooms, supermarkets, the airport, and even an arcade. A no holds barred match tends to take place
strictly inside a ring and is the less severe of hardcore match styles, with minimal use
of foreign objects or outrageously dangerous stunts. A street fight match uses various elements
of “no holds barred” and “no disqualification”, but generally tosses most of wrestling’s rules
and regulations to allow for creative submissions. A deathmatch is the most brutal form of hardcore
wrestling, with heavy emphasis on the use of improvised weapons and stunts that result
in a great deal of blood loss. Items commonly used in deathmatches include
fire, barbed wire, thumbtacks, razor blades, syringes, beds of nail, staple guns, and even
cactus plants. The point is to be extremely graphic, brutal
and dangerous. In recent years some state commissions have
cracked down on the types and frequency of weapons used. A hardcore match, or Raven’s Rules match,
is not quite as bloody or brutal as a deathmatch, but still involves the use of improvised weapons
and takes elements from street fight in matches perhaps starting in the ring but quickly spreading
out of it. Staple gun matches are more prominent among
the lesser-known wrestling circuits, and typically take the form of normal singles, doubles,
triples, four ways, or melee matches with the added caveat that some specific object
must be stapled to an opponent’s body- typically dollar bills. Though the intent of weapons and various implements
used in hardcore matches is always to draw maximum blood while doing nothing more than
superficial damage, the risk of serious injury or even death is still very real. And with their limited adoption into the mainstream
wrestling circuits such as WWE, if you’re planning on taking on a WWE fighter and winning
you’d better be prepared to face an opponent who is no stranger to death and extreme physical
torture. So could you take on a WWE Fighter and survive? The average WWE wrestler has likely seen their
fair share of hardcore matches either in their days before joining ‘mainstream’ wrestling,
or perhaps in special events during their time with WWE, and even though a ‘deathmatch’
is only one in name, a real-life, unscripted, and unregulated brawl versus a WWE professional
wrestler could very well turn into a real deathmatch for you. Unless you’re in peak physical condition and
have trained in various martial arts yourself, we’re going to put our money on no, you could
not defeat a WWE fighter. Not even with the power of Despacito. Think we’re wrong? Is wrestling all just a bunch of show, or
are these men and women real professional athletes? Let us know in the comments. Also, be sure to check out our other video
You vs Jason – Could You Defeat Him. Thanks for watching, and as always, please
like, share and subscribe. See you next time.

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100 thoughts on “YOU vs WWE Wrestler – Could You Defeat Him or Her?

  1. Who's your favorite wrestler of all times?
    And despite all being said… Who do you choose as the "weakest" wrestler?

  2. yes. you have your teeth, and they are used to grabbing people. Bite the fighters throat out. Rib his ear off. break his nose. Maximize muscular gouging.

  3. both, WWE is fake, who wins what moves are used ect are all predetermined. however to enact these plays the people must be super fit.

  4. I rarely comment about my background on channels like this,but,as an MMA guy,I can't ignore this…….
    -shorin Ryu karate 1st dan black belt at 16
    -practiced and participated extensively in IKO full contact kyokushin gloved matches (kickboxing rules in Mexico)
    -3 years of judo
    -1 year of muay thai
    -1 year of BJJ
    -6 months of boxing
    -6 months of freestyle wrestling

    I'm 5'9 and 189 lbs 20 years old 28.9 bmi

    I guess I can try

    (Don't believe me check my channels MMA playlist)

  5. You can
    No rules match
    Get armore
    Multiple people
    All armpred and have wepons
    Knifes guns tazers
    There defeted
    To make them humiliated
    Pillow fulled with concrete
    You want a fight you got one

  6. when you said " ripped off ears " that reminded me that once Mike Tyson, one of the most famous Boxers once bit an ear off of one of his opponent's.

  7. Ok, next time i will 1v1 spiderman i will make sure i have a minigun around! Thnx for the help!

  8. American: KNOCK KNOCK
    WWE fighter : Whoes there
    American: American Firepower
    WWE fighter: American Firepow…
    Shotgun goes off

  9. seeing as it is a free for all deathmatch… couldn't you just pull out a 50cal, mossberg, M4, or M240 bravo on them. I mean all 4 of these have been used in You vs. videos (if memory serves)

  10. There is a difference btw fake and scripted
    Knowing that u would be smashed on a table doesn't change the fact that u r being smashed on a table

  11. The WWE was found in 1952 today it is the largest professional wrestling company in the world Raven's rules match so could you take on a WWE fighter and survive?

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