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  1. if you want some powerful motivation through your journey look me up on instagram "say_no_to_negativity". all I want to do is motivate others to grow with me as I am growing as well.

  2. I've been having so many problems that I don't want to explain on here but this message was probably the most inspirational and calming thing I've ever heard. Thank you so much for putting to words and putting to my thought, fuck everyone else, as long as I'm happy with the choice I made. Your timing could not have been any better

  3. Hey Sasha, you posted this at exactly the right time. I recently cut out all distractions to change my life I.e. (porn,T.V., Social media, sweets) to get me closer to my purpose. Then I found meditation and chakras when I saw this video I almost swelled with tears as it's yet another sign I'm on the right path. You are an inspiration, and you couldn't have said it better love is truth. when you're working on a frequency of love the universe really does open all doors for you.

  4. thank you sasha for this video it was so cool and motivation you are awesome rally thank you for those kinda videos

  5. Sasha I have a serious question, one that I think all your more serious viewers would like answered: how do you stay motivated?

    When I first saw your videos and information plus some other stuff, I was extremely motivated. Beast mode for a couple days. Then it slowly faded over the next few days. Back to my old self. Only would "fake it to make it" when the situation arose, which as you know, you can't fake it. Women pick it up. From micro facial expressions and bad vibes.

    During the 3 days I was in beast mode, things went great. Ever since I've been going downhill. Decided to quit trying for day game, and just night game. As well, went great first 2 times or so. But then I lost motivation.

    I had high standards for women before this. Hence why I was single for so long, but also no courage. Then I got the courage, but then say why should I settle for that? So don't even bother with girls I would have used to have considered a 10. It's as if learning this stuff raised my standards, knowing I could get even better girls. But this in turn gave me even less options 🙁

    Now I'm left unmotivated to even talk to a girl who isn't a 10 (way higher 10 than what I used to consider a 10.) but then if she comes a long I don't even try cuz I'll get rejected by a lower level previously than I consider myself, that hurts the ego!!!

    Idk hopefully that made sense. If you have any advice, or products for motivation, let me know. Thank you.

  6. im 25… been falling into fear for the past… 2 or 3 years maybe? its fuckin terrible… i loved hearing this… its a reminder of who i used to be… i miss that guy so much! love you sasha! and now i need to get off my fuckin ass.

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  8. This guy is a damn flipping legend, just like what I will become this year. I have decided that I will now get whatever whenever whoever I want forever more. I am awesome and I know it. Sasha thanks for your lessons!

  9. Sasha listen to me dude i think you are the combination between Adam Sandler and Ben Afleck. Their lost brother may be. You should be famous by now already!! but listen you have change my life with tour videos. I really appreciate it dude. You are honest direct inspirational and at same time funny. Please never give up. And do more street approaches. Peace.

  10. Hey Sasha !! I watch this video and many vids of you from thailand. I am fighting with my Ego-beast. You are my man too bro!!. thanks for your motivaional stuff man!.

  11. Tnx Sasha, what you have done for me so far even i haven't met you (yet). I want to thank you so much! Right now i am working my ass of to get some savings for my tour trough Europe starting in Amsterdam April the 12th and meet amazing people! Maybe we will cross paths and ill be looking forward to it!

  12. The right moment is NOW Sasha… i cried after I saw this video. Thank u so much for what you give to me Sasha, Thank you! Big hug from Italy

  13. You need guts to quit school. You need guts to do standup comedy. You need guts to say 'fuck everyone else'. You say you were a zero but you never were really. Because zero's dont have guts.

  14. You are an awesome guy Sasha, keep up the good work and please consider visiting Cyprus for a boot camp man, we desperately need you here…

  15. Hey Sasha!! Just great!! I'm from Brazil (my native language is Portuguese), but I studyed english and … I can speak english – how can I exchange some words with you? By the way – amazing video – CONGRATS MAN!!!!

  16. Everytime i see this video a regret that i didnt meet you in Prague! Come to Prague again! People loves you for what you doing!

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